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Product Review: Couture Collection Ecstasy by California Exotics

February 12th, 2010

CE-4569-70-3_5803_1Ooo, what’s that?

Isn’t it prettiful? I just adore that pink.  And look! No rabbit ears.  Just nubs.

That, my lovelies, is Ecstasy, from California Exotics‘s Petite Couture Collection line.

What’d it come in?

What else? California Exotics’s trademark flimsy white box.  Only instead of being wrapped in plastic, this one was wrapped in a thin styrofoam sleeve.  That’s probably what saved the toy when it slipped out of my FedEx man’s fingers and glided a couple feet in front of him before abruptly meeting the asphalt.  Thanks, FedEx Man!

How’s it made?

Ecstasy is nine inches long from end to end, with an insertable length of about four and three-quarters inches, or so.  It’s got a diameter of about an inch at the widest point of the tip and an inch and a quarter at the base.  It’s made of pretty pink silicone that is nonporous and phthalates and latex free.  It manages to be slightly squishy and dense at the same time.  It’s waterproof.  And it’s shaped sort of like a rabbit without the adorable rabbit face and ears.

In place of the rabbit is a nub about an inch and a half long with ribs running across it in about the same place the rabbit’s ears would be.  It vibrates and is controlled by the button sporting the wavy line located on the silver base.  It has three steady vibration settings, each increasingly stronger than the last, and four pulsation variables.

The ribs on the nub continue along the shaft, providing a bit of texture to its insertion.  The last two inches of the shaft rotate when you push the button with the circling arrows on it.  It has three speeds.

On the bottom, you’ll find the turn-dial cap concealing the battery compartment.  Open it up and you’ll find a white plastic battery container that slides out.  Fit three AAA batteries into the container, return it to the compartment and close it up, then press the power button (beneath the wavy line) and get started.

What’s it for?

This vibe is intended for one-handed masturbation.  With its rotating head to stimulate the g-spot and vaginal walls, and its vibrating nub to stimulate the clitoris, this vibe does it all.  Just dial it up to the speed and vibration you like, insert and enjoy.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
good vibrations
rotates hand more than shaft
especially when clenching muscles

I don’t hate it. It’s not terrible. But, oddly enough, I wasn’t overly impressed, either. Maybe it’s all the torturing M’s doing with the Hitachi, lately. Maybe I need a break.

Maybe he broke my clit! Oh noes!

But here’s what’s going on. You ready? I put it in, right? And then I nestle the little nub up to my clit, breathing a sigh of relief when I find that it matches up with my anatomy almost perfectly, cause I’ve heard some people have problems with that with Couture Collection toys. And I start doing all the normal things I do when I’m masturbating.  And…all of the sudden, I’m distracted by the fact that my arm’s going round and round.

So I try to muscle the toy into submission, and grip the handle harder, and relax all my girly muscles to see if maybe that’s causing it and… my arm’s still going round and round.

So I try to ignore it and my mind starts drifting to other toys.  I feel like a cheating lover, or something.  Here I am with this splendiferously made toy between my legs and I’m imagining things as simple as my new G-brush or maybe Ella.  Because I can thrust them manually! And thrusting this toy makes my clit angry.  And then she starts talking about going on strike, and then my g-spot starts going on and on about how my clit’s such a prima donna, and… It’s not a pretty picture.

So I mean, I like it.  It’s not bad.  But it’s not the spectacular toy I thought it was going to be.

How do you care for it?

Wash it up with some antibacterial soap and water.  Wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.  Store it in the drawer with the rest of your silicone toys.

Make sure you use water based lube and take out the batteries before storing.  These buttons are easy to push.  Barely a tap turns the toy on.

Where’d ya get it?

California Exotics sent me the Ecstasy, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.  In business for fifteen years, California Exotics is a female owned and operated company dedicated to “designing and creating consistently superior toys for women”.  They’re dedicated to “turning fantasy into reality” and, to that end, have developed new, high-quality materials and “state of the art technologies”.

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