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Product Review: Better Than Chocolate by Nomi Tang

February 10th, 2010

31+nS39QdEL._SX450_Ooo, what’s that?

You mean you don’t recognize it? It was only the most talked about geeky vibrator for months after its introduction to the wonderful world of sex toys.  It’s none other than the Better Than Chocolate by Nomi Tang.

What’d it come in?

An adorable white gift box reminiscent of something a ring or necklace would come in, complete with velvety insert to hold it in place.  No lie! It’s gorgeous.  Inside the box, you’ll find a user manual (which is awesome cause this vibe is tricky!), a small insert with a short comment from Nomi Tang, and a white velvet drawstring bag that will never see the light of day in this house.  Why, you ask? Because if I take it out, even for a minute, it will get dirty.  I am that clumsy. 

How’s it made?

Better Than Chocolate is made of nonporous TPR.  It’s waterproof.  It’s hypoallergenic and phthalates and latex free.  We’re saying it comes in purple and blue, but to me, mine looks pink.  M: It’s purple, Rayne. And Carrie wasn’t kidding when she said it’s geeky and innovative.

It almost fits in the palm of your hand, coming in at about four and one-half inches long and two and one-half inches wide.  It’s shaped sort of like a boomerang, though one blunted tip is thicker than the other, and the curve is slightly off center.

The thicker end is the power button, and where the batteries go in, and that white strip on top is how you control the toy.  When holding the toy with the white strip in your right hand and the power button in your left, turn the power button away from you, then pull out.  There you’ll find the battery compartment.  Inside, it’s marked with the + and – symbols to show you which way to install the two AAA batteries (one up, one down).

Once the batteries are installed, push the power button, and you’ll notice the toy starts on high on its continuous pulse.  Slide your finger up, pressing ever so slightly, to lower the intensity.  Hold it for two seconds on the red Nomi Tang logo to switch to a pulsation variable.  And hold your finger for two seconds on the bottom of the white strip to lock or unlock the setting.

What’s it for?

Mostly stimulating the clit and labia, but it vibrates so nicely that I’ve used it all over my body and M’s body.  The user manual suggests you consult a doctor before using this toy if you have a pacemaker or are pregnant.  And it tells you not to insert it completely into the vagina or the anus, which is probably good advice.

Beginners, don’t let this toy’s complicated controls scare you off.  We’re all beginners when it comes to the Better Than Chocolate.  I had to have Cin explain the controls to me, and I’m still having trouble.  I think I’m being too gentle with it, believe it or not.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
tricky controls
locks under water
great for relaxed masturbation
tricky controls
starts on high
no instant gratification

Well let’s start with the elephant in the room, shall we? The controls. While they’re definitely innovative and ridiculously geeky, with their iPod-esque technology, they do have a bit of a learning curve.  Especially if you’re like me, and treat your sex toys like your best bone china until you know their limitations.

It took me a little while to realize I was being entirely too gentle with it.  And I’m still training myself not to accidentally bump the lock when I find a setting I like.  But by the time these “educational” sex toys are finished with me, I’ll be an old pro.

The vibrations are strong without numbing.  The pulsation variables have the unique ability to be raised and lowered in speed and intensity.  And it can be locked.

All around, this toy has the ability to be awesome, once you get the hang of it.

It’s really not a “put it on your clit and hold it there till you cum” sort of toy.  At least, not for me.  For me, it’s something I like to tease myself with for a while before heading for the main event.  It seems, after using the toy and reading the user manual, Nomi Tang designed this toy with a long, relaxed “me” session in mind.  Which works out great on those nights when M and I have mutual masturbation marathons.

I like it.  It’s the perfect “me” toy.  Meaning it sort of forces you to take the much needed breather a masturbation session can (and probably should, at least once in a while) be.

How do you care for it?

Wash it before and after use with a nonabrasive, gentle antibacterial soap and warm water.  Store it in the box it came in or the bag it came with in your drawer.  It’s small so you can take it anywhere with you.  Use water or silicone based lube.  And make sure you take the batteries out when you’re finished with it.

An interesting tidbit that I must’ve skimmed over the first time I read the user manual: The device locks automatically when submerged.  You have to dry off the touchpad to unlock it.

Where’d ya get it?

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Most places have discontinued it, but you can still get it on Amazon.

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