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Product Review: Better Than Chocolate by Nomi Tang

February 10th, 2010 Comments off

31+nS39QdEL._SX450_Ooo, what’s that?

You mean you don’t recognize it? It was only the most talked about geeky vibrator for months after its introduction to the wonderful world of sex toys.  It’s none other than the Better Than Chocolate by Nomi Tang.

What’d it come in?

An adorable white gift box reminiscent of something a ring or necklace would come in, complete with velvety insert to hold it in place.  No lie! It’s gorgeous.  Inside the box, you’ll find a user manual (which is awesome cause this vibe is tricky!), a small insert with a short comment from Nomi Tang, and a white velvet drawstring bag that will never see the light of day in this house.  Why, you ask? Because if I take it out, even for a minute, it will get dirty.  I am that clumsy.  Read more…

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Honor as a Doormat

February 10th, 2010 2 comments

My uniform It’s often been said in other not-to-be-mentioned webboards that slaves that accept the absolute rule of their Owners are disparaged as “doormats”. This is a slur, suggesting that they lay down and let anyone walk all over them, no sense of self, no sense of personal honor and integrity. It’s often used to bolster a submissive’s sense of superiority, the sneering “look how mindless they must be, why would anyone want an automaton? I’m so much better for having limits!”

This bothered me for a very long time. i’m no goddamned doormat, unless He needs a place to wipe His boots. Before His ownership, yes, then i was. i didn’t possess the word “No.” i suffered greatly for my lack of boundaries. Once i understood just how much value i had, and that i was worth protecting and respecting, my doormat status was reserved for One Man and no others (unless of course He has “guests” that need a boot-wiping-mechanism).

i would posit that those who willingly admit they are their Owners’ doormats have a high sense of self honor and high regard of respect for oaths and commitments. This past month has taught me at least that. When i felt the edges of teh crazy coming around again, instead of saying “Hey Asshat, take this collar and shove it,” or some other loving sentiment of discontent, i desperately held onto my oath to honor and obey Him no matter what. Not just when it was all fun and games. If He were to come home with a second girl tomorrow and say “Meet your new sister” i’d grit my teeth (not snarl, grit my teeth) and bend my will. It might break in the process, but dammit, i said i’d follow and obey and i will fulfill my commitment if it kills me.

How is bailing from the commitment not being a doormat such a better arrangement, a higher way of being, than honoring my word and His?

i’d rather be maligned doormat than a lying snob any day of the week.

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