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His car? His dog? His pig whore.

February 9th, 2010 8 comments

I was writing about romance in M/s relationships for Eden Cafe, what with Valentine’s Day stopping by on Sunday, and while I was rereading what I’ve already written, I started thinking about the analogies people often use when describing what a slave is to his or her owner.  Most often used, I think, are pets (usually dogs) and cars.

Even Master does it.  Yesterday, He compared owning a slave to his iPod Touch.  He said something like, “With owning something comes a certain degree of emotional attachment.  Especially if you enjoy owning it.  Take my iPod, for example.  It’s really cool.  I really like it.  I probably could say I love it.  I’d be really upset if anything happened to it.  And the same goes for a slave.  Even if there’s no initial emotional attachment, there would be eventually, if only because it’s your property.  Nobody likes their property destroyed.”

I resisted the urge to point out that we both know He was hopelessly in love with me long before I admitted an interest in being owned.

And that I was hopelessly in love with Him, too.

So I started wondering what object I would liken my position in M’s life to.

I don’t really see myself as a car.  I mean, who buys their car presents? Who, other than collectors, loves their car so much that, when it appears to be broken beyond repair, they do everything in their power to fix it, sparing no cost, even when it’s cheaper to just buy a new car? We maintain the car, and decorate the car as we see fit, and keep it in good working order.  But when it’s in our best interest to junk the car and buy a new one, that’s what we do.  Read more…

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