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Chapter One: Meet Corianne – First Draft

January 9th, 2010

Last night, while watching season two of Chuck with Master, I suddenly had direction for a plot Master has suggested a time or two.  So I snatched up a notebook and wrote.  This is not erotica.  Though I’m sure there are some extreme masochists who would enjoy having a pen knife stabbed through their wrist, this story’s meant to be scary, not sexy.  Though some of it will, without a doubt, be sexy.  Constructive criticism is welcome, and appreciated.

Without further adieu, meet Corianne…

“What’s that? Oh yeah.  You can’t talk, can you? Pity.  I did so want to hear you scream.  Maybe later, I suppose.  Oh… don’t cry.  Not yet.  You’ll spoil the ending.”

The voice was full of sugary sweet warmth.  Almost concern.  And a finger gently wiped a tear from his face.

“Aw.  You’re not scared are you? Come on.  It’ll only hurt for a little while.  You can handle it.”

She ran her fingers through his prematurely thinning hair.

“So what were you doing that day at the park? The girl you were with? She was so pretty! How did a man like you get a girl like that?”

Her tinkling laugh filled the air as he began to struggle.  “Don’t worry, darling.  She’s safe.  I have no interest in females.  Just rich, corporate boys, like you.  Y’all are right tasty.”  For just a moment, her southern twang slipped.  But she caught herself.  “So let’s get started, shall we?”

Her hand slid from his head to his waist.  She unbuckled the golden buckle.  And as she reached for his silk waistline, the man began to sob softly.

“Oh, come, now.”  she tutted.  “What’s wrong? Are you afraid I’m not as pretty? Here.”  She leaned forward nestling his face between her silk-clad breasts and grinned as he, for a split second, relaxed into the warm fragrance of her favorite perfume.  She untied the silk scarf and dropped it to the floor.  Then she stepped back and studied him for a moment while he stared at her.

“Do you like what you see?” She spun in place to let him admire the view.

Her hair was long and straight, cut straight across her back.  She had a pretty face and was a bit on the plump side.  She was barely dressed, in her barely-there teal camisole.  Her legs were bare and her nipples hardly covered.  The man’s mouth fell as open as a gagged mouth can.

“I’ll take that as a yes.  I hope the scarves aren’t too tight.  I hear most everything else leaves marks.  Marks lead to the cops finding the restraints, which leads to fingerprints or fiber testing.  And then the whole thing gets messy.  Messy could be bad for me.”

She walked to a nearby table and picked up a pen knife.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw his eyes widen.

“Oh, come, now.  It’ll be fun!”

She retook her position in front of the chair.  As she reached toward his tailored shirt, he began to hyperventilate.  When she slipped the tip of the knife between the button and the fabric, he started making this strange whistling sound through his nose.  She giggled softly as the soft snick of thread being cut announced the button’s removal, and her hand dropped to the next.  When she got to his waist, she tugged the tails out and unbuttoned the last two.  Then she finished what she started with his pants.

“Lift your tushy up, honey.  Just a little bit so I can get your stuff out of the way.”

He whimpered but didn’t move. 

“Now, I can’t pick you up myself, dear.  Pick it up.”

His nose started whistling again, but he still didn’t move.  She got very still and stared into his eyes, and then her hand flew and his scream broke the silence.

“Oh, now look what you made me do!” she exclaimed as her hand dropped from the pearl handle jutting from his wrist.

He screamed again.

“Shut up.” Her voice was thin and icy and his screaming stopped immediately.  She sighed heavily.  “There wasn’t supposed to be blood shed, yet.”  Her hand flew again, only this time, her knuckles met his face.  “Now I’m going to have to take care of that before we can continue.  Don’t go anywhere!”  She laughed at her lame joke as she left the room.

When she returned, she was carrying a black leather physician’s bag.  “Lucky for you, I’m a doctor.”

Understanding filled the man’s eyes and he moaned into the gag.

“You see? We have plenty of time to get to know each other.”  She smiled brightly before busying herself with repairing the damage she caused.

The woman bent down and picked up the scarf that had been around the man’s eyes.  She leaned forward and tied the elbow of his injured arm to the arm of the chair, then untied the scarf around his injured wrist.  “Oh, wow!” she exclaimed as she pulled the knife out of his wrist.  “I just barely missed your vein.  Good thing, or I’m not sure I could fix it by myself.  You’d bleed to death before I finished.”

As she repaired and dressed the wound, the man sobbed and screamed into the gag.  He began to thrash against his binds.  She reached out and slapped him across the face and he grew very still.  “Don’t move.  You’ll fuck it up.  You’re such a fucking baby.  Sit still for five more minutes.  I just have to bandage it.  Then, if you’re a good boy, I might give you some Vicodin.”

After taping his bandage up, she tied a thin piece of rope to each of his fingers, then pulled his arm to the side.  She tied each string to the table leg.  “There.  That should keep it safe and out of the way.  You’d better hope it does.”

The woman picked up the knife and cut down the center of his undershirt, then snaked her hands down to his waist.  She looked into his eyes again.  “Let’s try this again, shall we? Now, pick up your hips.”  she growled with her lips barely a whisper from his.

He struggled to lift his hips and managed an inch just long enough for her to get them caught under his ass.  “Again.”  He lifted them again.  She yanked his pants and briefs down to his ankles in one fell swoop, then brought the flat of her hand down on his flaccid penis.  A very clear “Ow!” sounded from behind the gag and she laughed.

“Poor baby.”  She rubbed the spot she’d slapped and grinned up at him as his member began to stiffen.  “Aw… Jeffy likes that, huh?” She rubbed for a moment longer and then brought her hand down on his cock again.  Harder this time.  She murmured softly as he cried out again.

“I’m sure you’re wondering who I am.  My name’s Corianne, but you can call me Cori.  If you earn the right to speak, that is.”

Cori stood up and backhanded Jeff.  She cut his sleeves and jerked the shirts from behind his back.  Then she slid her hands over his chiseled chest.  The index and thumb of her right hand caught hold of one of his nipples.  She squeezed.  He yelped.  She laughed.

“Oh, now that’s nice.”  She stuck her hand in the physician’s bag and brought out two medical clamps.  “This might hurt a little.”  She snapped both clamps in place, each on its own nipple, and grinned when he whimpered.  “Oh, come on.  I know who you are, Jeff.  This isn’t even a third of what you do at that club you go to.  Well, minus that stab wound, I guess.”  Corianne slid in real close and took a clamp in each hand.  She began to tug and twist slowly, almost gently.  Her eyes went out of focus as her hips started rocking.  “You looked so yummy on that stage.  I’ve got some fun in store for you.  Of course, when I get bored, I’ll have to be rid of you.  Can’t have you telling people what happened here.  But I’m sure you can find ways to keep me entertained, hmm?” She slid a manicured nail down his cheek, then sat down Indian-style between his legs.

Cori fished a pack of cigarettes out of the physician’s bag and giggled as she reached into his pants pocket and returned with a Zippo.  She flicked it open and lit it, then touched the flame to the end and took a drag.  Her face briefly flickered orange before she snapped the lid closed.  “To Jeffery, with love.  Mystique.”  she read from the back.  “Mystique? What’s that? Her stripper name?” She dropped the lighter into her bag and took another drag.

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