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Updates, G-spots and Resolutions

January 9th, 2010 1 comment


We’ve recently applied alot of updates, so if anyone notices anything weird, please let us know. I’m pretty sure everything’s functioning correctly, but you never know.

That elusive spot

Over the past week another “study” was released saying that the g-spot may not biologically exist. At the moment that headline flew across my Twitter app, I knew there would be a ton of backlash. I got into a little discussion on Twitter about it, but it’s really hard to express thoughts 140 characters at a time.

In my mind, who really cares what the reports say. If that’s what gets you off, that’s what gets you off. Unless you’re a very gullible person, reports that the g-spot doesn’t exist isn’t going to change anything at all about your sex life.

What I assumed, correctly, is that it wouldn’t remain a scientific or biological issue, but would instead turn into a male/female issue, and that’s exactly what I saw happen. During the conversation on twitter, someone mentioned that men were always trying to tell women it’s all in their heads. And therein lies my issue with it.

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He really can be a monster, though, huh?

January 9th, 2010 9 comments

LThere was something different in His demeanor.  And somehow, I missed it.

You almost have to be me to see it.  No one else knows Him well enough to hear that slight animosity to His tone.  See the deadness behind those beautiful russet irises.  The way He seems to suddenly be taller.  Bigger than life.  All encompassing.

I think I missed it because He’s seemed bigger than life to me since the last time Satan’s Suitcase met my ass.  As big as I am, I feel small in His presence.  Though “little” describes it better.

He was quiet on the bus ride home.  Well, after the shuttle, anyway.  It’s almost impossible to be quiet on the shuttle.

As we turned down the campus road, He said, “Maybe I’ll send you to offer him a blow job.”  I’m not sure if He meant the boy who had gotten off the bus before us or the kid at the corner store.  We were talking about both of them.

I stopped short and looked up at Him.  My cheeks flushed and I flashed Him an almost embarrassed smile.

“What? Aren’t you a pig whore?”  And then it was blatantly obvious.  Something was different.  Dangerous.

Another embarrassed smile as three college chicks fell into step in front of us.  “Yes.”  Almost a whisper.

“Yes, what?”

I knew what He wanted me to say.  But those adorable little college girls might hear me! Surely, I was mistaken.  “Yes, Master.”  A little louder than the last, but not much.

“Yes, you are what, cunt?”

“Yes, Master, I’m a pig whore.”  Omigosh! Had they heard?

“You better not be a stuck up cunt, all of a sudden.”

“Yes, Master.”

The subject changed and the mood shifted.  So when we got home and He walked over to me and grabbed my pussy, roughly pulling me to Him (“This is the best part of you.”), I was caught off guard.  But that was the last time.  When He said, “Get your ass over here and sit on the floor.  You can be unoccupied by anyone but me for a while.”  I was sort of expecting it.  And when He told me to go find something for Him to beat me with, I wasn’t surprised at all.  Read more…

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