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Product Review: Teneo Uno and Duo by Fun Factory

January 8th, 2010

Ooo, what’re those?

Those are Teneo Uno and Duo from the Smart Balls line by Fun Factory.

What’d they come in?

They both came in their own little gray and red cardboard box complete with magnetic flaps that open to reveal an in depth description of the toys.  Inside, tucked safely between cardboard and the molded plastic that holds the balls in place, you’ll find a pamphlet with instructions and a sample of Toy Fluid, Fun Factory’s water based lube. 

How’re they made?

Unlike the original Smart Balls, Uno and Duo are both made of silicone, which is nonporous, latex and phthalate free and hypoallergenic.  Uno is a single ball that is one and one-half inches in diameter, with total length (including the removal loop) of five inches, and Duo is two balls connected by a thin piece of flexible silicone.  They are seven and one-quarter inches long (four and one-half insertable) with a diameter of one and one-half inches.  They’re sort of silky to the touch, and have no odor or flavor.  And both have a flexible removal loop.

So, what makes them different from Smart Balls besides the material?

Uno and Duo both have finger dips on the bottom to make insertion easier.  The surface design is different, in that Uno and Duo have more texture than Smart Balls.  This results in Uno and Duo being slightly wider than the original Smart Balls.  And the connecting piece of silicone on Duo seems to be more flexible than the connecting piece of elastomed on the originals.

What’re they for?

Like the original Smart Balls, these vaginal balls are made for aiding with kegel exercises.  Insert them before cleaning house, or working out, or going to the office.  Just be sure you’re moving around while using them for best results.  While they do pretty much all of the work themselves, you do need to be in motion to help them along.

When inserting them, find the easiest position for you.  Generally speaking, if you use tampons (or have in the past), you’ll probably find that whatever position you use to insert them works perfectly for these balls as well.  Grasp the first ball (or the only ball, if you’re using Uno) firmly in your fingers and position it at the vaginal opening.  Push gently (You may need a little lube, but don’t use too much! Too much makes it difficult for even the most experienced kegeler to hold these balls inside.) until it’s inside.  For the second ball (or repositioning, if you’re using Uno), just push against the finger dip on the bottom and it slides right in.

Please be sure to leave the removal loop outside of your vagina.  This way, you can just tug and out come the balls.  And it’s recommended that you start with twenty minutes a day.

How are they?

Rayne’s Rating: Uno: Duo:
Pros: Cons:
stay in place
silky surface
extra texture
Duo is a little long for some

I’m slightly torn. I mean, they’re made wonderfully, which is why I’ve rated both with four stars.  They’re durable and comfortable.  I adore the material.  They do what they’re supposed to (strengthen the kegel muscles).  But Uno seems like something for a beginner and Duo…

Duo, like the original Smart Balls, is a little long for most people I’ve read or spoken with.  It seems if the balls were just a little smaller or the silicone connection was a little shorter, these balls would be perfect for anyone from the newest beginner to the most experienced kegelciser.

Duo definitely fills me up more than the originals.  For me, Duo is more comfortable, easier to keep from slipping out regardless of the amount of lube I use, and feels like it does a better job.  But, to be honest, I might have liked them better if they were just a little smaller.

How do you care for it?

Top drawer of the dishwasher, antibacterial soap, boiling, toy wipes… You can clean and/or disinfect this toy with whatever your preferred method is.  Just be sure to avoid silicone lube to ensure the toy’s longevity.

Where’d ya get it?

The incredibly patient people at Good Vibrations sent me Teneo Uno and Duo free of charge in return for an honest review.  Good Vibrations is a thirty-years-old sexuality product retailer based in San Francisco, California.  Its goals are “to model sex-positive attitudes and to promote sexual health and pleasure”.  To this end, they offer free product and sex education and have partnered with the Center for Sex and Culture.  You can read their Vision and Values and Sex and Gender Policy, as well as a brief history of the company’s development, on their site.

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