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Hang Ups and Hand Jobs (Or “Master Made Me Cum on His Fingers”)

January 7th, 2010 3 comments

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m an insomniac.  As with everyone who suffers from some form of this sleeping disorder, it’s affected by my physical health, mental stability, stress level, eating habits… And sometimes it just comes out of nowhere.

My insomnia rarely affects my ability to fall asleep.  It just keeps me from being able to stay asleep.  And most of the time, once I’m up, I’m up.  So we’ll go to bed at 4AM, my eyes will snap open at 6AM, and I’ll have to find something to keep myself occupied till at least 9AM so Master can sleep.

I’ve taken to licking Master’s back or snuggling against Him while I read or play a game on His old PDA.  And the other day, I decided to spend my morning teasing the fuck out of Him.

I don’t know what did Him in.  I licked and kissed and suckled at His back and neck and chest and sides while I ran my hands over His arms and legs and belly.  I’m weird about touching cocks.  Before I met Master, I never gave hand jobs, or even just touched a penis, unless the man put my hand on him.  Even when I was hooking.

I really don’t know why.  I’ve got a bazillion ideas, though.

I didn’t know how.  I was afraid to ask how.  I was afraid I’d hurt it.  Sometimes I don’t feel it’s my place.  I’m constantly thinking, “If He wanted my hand there, He’d put it there.”  And it certainly doesn’t help that Master is still coming to terms with those kinds of bodily fluids so His hand doesn’t often wander between my legs either.

Though if I’m to be honest, I must admit that He’s overcoming His fluid issues a lot faster than I’m overcoming my penis-touching issues.  Which results in His hand being between my legs a lot more often than mine’s between His.

My single saving grace has been M’s blatant refusal to “just deal” with a shitty sex act.  His adamant insistence on having it done right.  In other words, He tells/shows me how He likes it.

The other day was no different.  I kept sliding my hand over the crease between Master’s thigh and abdomen.  I’d run my fingers through His pubic hair and slide them along His inner thighs.  But I kept my hand away from His cock and balls… till I realized I was doing it.  And then I grabbed ahold of His shaft like my life depended on it.  Read more…

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