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Wait… what? (Or “The Studded Paddle Meets Rayne’s Ass… Again”)

January 4th, 2010 2 comments

SPL04DYesterday, at about 2:30, from about ten yards away, while playing [[World of Warcraft]] and blaring the stereo so loud it was difficult to hear ourselves think, we had this conversation on M’s super secret high-tech and quadruple encrypted private [[Jabber]] server:

(2:27:45 PM) rayne: i’m all depressed and oogy today
(2:27:50 PM) rayne: i’m sure it’s just the end of PMS
(2:27:59 PM) rayne: but telling myself that doesn’t make me feel any better :/
(2:28:23 PM) Master: maybe you need to suck cock
(2:28:30 PM) rayne: maybe
(2:28:54 PM) rayne: it’s probably more likely that i just need to be slapped around

At 4:30, still playing WoW and blaring the stereo, I was singing a different tune.  It’s not so much that I changed my mind or mood.  Just that… well… See?:

(4:32:12 PM) rayne: i still love you way more, you know
(4:32:16 PM) Master: nope
(4:32:24 PM) Master: I’m going to paddle your ass 20 times with the new paddle before bed
(4:32:28 PM) Master: see if you love me then
(4:32:35 PM) rayne: wait what?
(4:32:36 PM) rayne: heh
(4:32:47 PM) Master: reading comprehension issue?
(4:32:57 PM) rayne: well, i mean, no but… why?
(4:33:05 PM) Master: because I feel like it
(4:33:14 PM) Master: and you need to be beat

I opened my mouth to say something.  I even typed a few things.  And then backspaced them.  Thankfully, He’s long since stopped asking what I was about to say.  Cause the stream of thought would have upped the ante, I’m sure.  And I did that all by my lonesome by withstanding well beyond what He’d originally prescribed without my head falling off or involuntarily kicking His teeth down His throat.

I mean, it was nothing bad! Unless you take into consideration the fact that I’m supposed to take what I’m given with gratitude regardless of what it might be.  But that’s damn hard when you weigh in the biggest mitigating factor: The studded paddle fucking hurts.

I cried just because He told me He was going to hit me with it.  The only other thing I’ve ever done that with is the cane.  I bawled when He hit me with it.  I think I cried when He was finished hitting me with it.

So He says He’s going to beat me, and tears start sliding down my cheeks.  While a smirk tugs at the corners of my lips.  And streaming through my head are things like, “He’ll get tired and forget.” and “But when I said I needed to be slapped around, I meant I needed to be… slapped around.  Not paddled with Satan’s Suitcase*!”  and “You don’t get to choose how and when He hurts you, ya dumb cunt.”

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