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He Asked For It!

December 30th, 2009 2 comments

“Look at it this way.  I am telling you to use your imagination to please me.  I won’t hold it against you or be angry with you.  It will give me pleasure for you to serve me. ”

In my most recent post I used butterflies to symbolize the change in my life.  I am starting to think I should get a butterfly permanently tattooed on my body because things are ever changing.  My relationship with Will is turning into something we never planned for or intended in the beginning.  The initial aim of our relationship was purely going to be platonic sex.  Well, we realized that there was much more there than just a relationship of casual sex.  We became and are lovers.  Now he has asked something of me that I never imagined.

He and I sat and talked in the sun room last weekend over coffee.  It’s what we do on a Sunday morning after I’ve spent the night with him.  We were just chatting and snuggling when I looked up at him and said with sincerity “you are the first person I have felt completely comfortable around.  You are the first person I have fully given myself to.”  He smiled and kissed me.  And it’s true.  I never gave myself fully to Tab because I didn’t trust him.  I never fully gave myself to anyone else, for that matter, because I never felt as though I could be free to be me.  I am highly complex and cannot be defined by even a conundrum of terms.  I have always had to reserve who I am and compromise for my partners of the past.  Things are different now.  Much different.

I have been friends with his wife for over a year now and she has seen my worst moments.  The ones before I moved back home to New Orleans.  She never once judged me and always encouraged me to be who I am, flaws and all.  I was always afraid to, but I found that living with these flaws and accepting them helped me to mend them and better myself.  When she and I met face to face about two months ago I was a different person and I am different even today.  The fact of the matter is that she is pretty much the only person that knew me then and stuck with me.  She is the first person I felt fully comfortable being me around.  And she still is along with her husband.

I have training in high protocol and service.  I learned from Gabriel while I was under his mentorship.  Granted, I haven’t learned everything I know from him, but a lot of my mannerisms and the way I hold myself come from him and being a member of his House.  When I fully let go, I am completely subservient.  Alright, mostly.  I still retain my attitude and my right to say “screw you, I am NOT blowing the dog.” Read more…

ABA – Another Bloody Acronym

December 30th, 2009 Comments off

Not RACK and SSC, They are for another day when I have nothing better to do but sneer and argue 🙂

So I’m sat here this morning discussing Kitti’s characteristics with her when I decide I can pretty much sum up the idea of the near perfect slave  as possessing 3 traits, all beginning with “C”, CCC for those who like old-fashioned acronyms, or 3C for those of a more contemporary or military background. So what are these C’s that make a slave ideal to me, you may have differing concepts? Compliance, Contentment and Consideration.

Compliance. A simple enough one,  it could be stated as obedience, flexibility, acceptance.

Contentment. The slave should be happy and relaxed with themselves, their self image and their role. Sure they are not always going to be a bundle of laughs and enjoy every second of their servitude, but overall they should be comfortable and accepting.

Consideration. This is the serving, slaving part, a good slave should be considerate, always doing the best they can for their owner. I am of course a big fan of pro-active service rather than micro-management and constantly having to issue the simplest of instructions. Thats the basic three Cs, but as always with me nothing is ever that simple……

Acceptance is a word I use a lot about slavery, I notice I used in two of those three above. I think it is quite an  important concept for slaves and potential slaves to grasp. Liking is a privilege not always granted to slaves and property, however that should not mean they cannot accept with good grace, or at least minimal resistance.

Comfort is a word I like too, both in the realm of the slave being comfortable with themselves and their role, but also that their role is about creating and enhancing the comfort of the owner.

There is another “C” I find essential in a slave, companionship. She isn’t always going to be scrubbing the kitchen floor or being beaten to a pulp, I need someone I can relax with, enjoy a movie with, a conversation on a long journey.

So there we have it, 5CA, CCC, whatever combination tickles your fancy, pick and choose, give me your thoughts and ideas as to what constitutes a foundation acronym for slaves.

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