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Rambling about a plugged ass and nipple torture is my passion!

December 27th, 2009 4 comments

This is not me. She's beautiful, though, don't you think?

So lately, I’ve been stuck on trying to do away with Master’s “monster face”.  I’m not sure why I’m so hellbent on making people see the good in Him.  But I think it’s because there is good in Him.  And it makes me feel bad when it’s obvious some people just can’t see passed how mean He can be to the sweetheart He sometimes is.  Like His sadistic streak somehow nullifies the love we share.

And if this were an abusive relationship, rather than a consensual one, I could see their point of view.  But I asked for this.  He’s supposed to be mean sometimes.

This morning, we were laying in bed and He kept stroking my hair and kissing my back.  He snuggled me into oblivion and showed me all sorts of pity and sympathy cause my period is kicking my ass.  He called me a spoiled brat when I whined that I didn’t want to get up and let me lay there for a little while longer… Till He realized He wasn’t going to be able to come back to bed because there were serious issues at the office.  Then He made me get up and make breakfast.  Discomfort is not a good enough excuse for the slave to be lazy if the master can’t in this house.

I think He’s feeling guilty about the paddle I bought Him.  It sort of cracks me up because I bought the thing for exactly the reason He’s feeling guilty about it.  Because I knew I would hate it, which would mean He would love it.  I should just crawl over His lap later and wait for Him to get it.

How long do you think it’ll be before I’m begging Him to stop?

Do you think He’ll be able to hold me? I buck pretty hard, sometimes.

Yesterday morning, Master reached around me and started pinching and clawing the fuck out of my tits.

See, the other day I made a huge, huge mistake.  I showed Him, a beautifully sociopathic sadist, just how much I liked that by begging Him over and over to pinch harder, claw more, twist… I think I have permanent indentations in my nipples.  But it’s very, very different when He’s doing it because He wants to than when I ask Him to.  When He wants to, I have no warning.  And sometimes I’m really not into it.   Read more…

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