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Sexual Harassment v. Harmless Flirting – A Rant

December 24th, 2009 3 comments

stud0001The boys around here have fine-tuned how to approach, lure and treat a woman.

They’ve figured out that most of the girls out here have daddy issues and low self esteem and a terrible fear of being poor and out of fashion.  They take one look at a girl and know exactly what to say and how to approach her and just what will catch her attention.  Usually, their motivation is the trophy.  The prize of having conquered yet another pretty face before their boys could.

And some of us – usually the older ones or the ones who are married – are smart enough to laugh at their advances and brush them off.  It’s fun to watch the “Oh shit.” expression cross their face.

Like yesterday.  M and I were walking down the street together, and we separated at the liquor store.  He was taking the stuff we picked up at the meat market up to the apartment, and I was grabbing a bottle of gin and one of peach champagne.  I said, “I’ll be up in a minute, babe.”  and M said something like, “I’ll be there.” or something.  And then I reached for the liquor store’s door.

Before my hand closed on the handle, another beat me to it and hefted the door open for me.  I smiled and thanked the guy, then stepped inside.  And he said something like, “How could I not with a smile like that?” and continued to go on about how pretty I am.

I laughed, thanked him for being nice and bee-lined for the champagne.  He was the more polite of the boys that compliment me when I go outside.  Some make suggestive comments.  Some tell me they don’t care that I’m married.

Some begin ogling me from a block away, doing that thing they do when they’re with their boys and checking a girl out.  You’ve seen it, I’m sure.  They’ll sort of turn to the side and cock their head.  And then, they come up with some excuse to approach me.  The last asked me for a cigarette.  And then if I was single.

I remember when every girl I knew would have been flattered beyond belief if men acted this way around them.  They’d go all pink in the cheeks and start ducking their heads and smiling a lot.  Their voices would get all high pitched and twittery and they’d giggle awkwardly at every. single. thing. that was said.  Read more…

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