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Rubber Ducky, You’re the One!

December 15th, 2009

0156400-dOoo, what’s that?

Isn’t he adorable? That is the Santa Duckie Ornament from Big Teaze Toys’s I Rub My Duckie line.

What’d it come in?

As you can see, Santa Duckie comes in a clear plastic ornament box decorated with silver snowflakes.  The back wall is blue and the floor is, too.

They really don’t want that little guy rattling around in there, though.  He’s tied up and taped and tacky glued to the molded plastic mount inside the box.

How’s it made?

The globe is plastic from top to bottom.  The front half is clear with little white snowflakes and “I Rub My Duckie” printed on the outside.  The back is solid blue.  The two pieces are held together by a gray plastic screw-on cap that looks a lot like the cap that holds the hook on a Christmas ornament.  The top is adorned with a red and gold bow and a piece of gold string to hold a hook or a tree branch.

Be careful you don’t pull the bow off.  It’s not glued in place or anything.  It’s just tied around the string.

There’s a white oval disc of plastic with a dip in it that fits into a slot in the back half of the globe.  This is where Santa Duckie rests when he’s not in use.

And finally, there’s Santa Duckie, who is three and one-quarter inches by three inches of PVC.  The back of the box tells us that Santa Duckie is latex, phthalate and heavy metal free.  Which is awesome.  Cause I’d be kinda scared if an 80s hair band popped out.  Ba-dum-bum-chish

He’s wearing a painted-on adorably innocent expression, with those big blue eyes and orange beak, and a red Santa suit, complete with cap and thick black belt.  Flip him over and you’ll find the battery compartment, which is openable with a spoon, a coin or an acrylic nail (my fingernails are way too fragile).  And there’s an on/off switch that controls Santa Duckie’s single-speed vibrator.

What’s it for?

For me, Santa Duckie isn’t much more than a novelty.  An adorable addition to my Christmas ornament collection.

For others, however, he can be used for clitoral and erogenous stimulation.  He makes a great stocking stuffer.  Or if you’re in the habit of hanging gifts on the tree (M and I do that sometimes.), Santa Duckie is designed for that.

How is it?

Pros: Cons:
great gift
sort of weak

Santa Duckie isn’t the most powerful toy.  He’s not overly loud but M could hear him a few feet away.

I wasn’t particularly fond of the shape or size of him in use.

And I totally should have kept all the twist ties and such that tied Santa Duckie to his little white platform.  Cause now he flops around inside the globe.

But! I absolutely love how he’s gonna look on my tree.  When we finally put it up.  Cause we’re borrowing one of A’s (a buddy of ours) fake ones, this year.

He’s great for a [[Secret Santa]] or Pollyanna Gift Exchange.  Makes a great stocking stuffer.

I’m considering sending one to my mother as an introduction to sex toys.  I figure if she can figure Santa Duckie out, she should have no trouble with a traditional vibe.

How do you care for it?

Wash him down with warm water and antibacterial soap.  Store him on your tree in his Christmas globe around the holidays, or in a drawer when Christmas is over.  While the turn-style controller can’t turn itself on, you might want to take the battery out when it’s not in use.  Especially if you’re only taking him out around the holidays.

Where’d ya get it?

I’ve been looking all over and it looks like this toy might have been discontinued. But you can get the original version from Babeland, or you can pick up a themed version from Amazon

Babeland Toys sent me Santa Duckie free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  Babeland is a bicoastal, women-friendly adult store.  Their mission is “to promote and celebrate sexual vitality by providing an honest, open and fun environment.  Encouraging personal empowerment, community education, and support for a more passionate world are key.”  Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah, Babeland’s founders, wrote “Sex Toys 101″, teaching people the ins and outs of choosing and using sex toys, in 2003.

Head on over and check them out.  With their discreet shipping and classy shopping experience, I promise you won’t regret it.

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