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Guest Bloggers, Links and Advertising

December 15th, 2009

New-And-Improved-StickerOkay, it’s not major.  And you can’t even see it, yet, cause no one’s posted in it yet.  But we now have a section for guest bloggers! Which means… You guessed it! We’re going to have some posts from BDSM bloggers around the world with their opinions on the subject.

First up? Kitti! Though I’m not sure she counts since we’re working on bringing her on full time.

You think M and I are extreme? Daddy_Keeper and Kitti have us beat by a mile.  But I’ll let her tell it, cause I don’t know all the ins and outs of their dynamic.

Wanna know how you can post a guest blog at Insatiable Desire? Got a link you want us to share with our readers? Looking to advertise on our site? Mouse over that button up there that says “Contact“, click on “Contact Webmaster” (or click on those nifty little links I just provided) and shoot us an email with a link to your blog if you have one, how your dynamic works and two or three topics you’re well-versed in that will fit in with the content of our site.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, and we can work something out.

The only real restriction is we have to like you.  Which isn’t saying much cause I like everyone.  Except that one girl.  But she doesn’t count.  ~nods~

~Rayne and Co.

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