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Oh, What a Night!

December 14th, 2009

IMG_68000Well, I have to say that I had a superb end to a crappy week and a rather shitty night.  The down pour mixed with street flooding and losing one of my jobs just made my Saturday awful.  I got a nice surprise on my way home yesterday, one I really wasn’t expecting.  I got a text message from Will telling me that he and his wife were coming to the city after all.  That brought my spirits up tremendously.  It’s amazing, really, that when he’s around me I forget about all the bad things that are going on.  It’s highly comforting.

So, after the flooding went away and I was able to drive my car without having to make it into a boat, I made it down into the city and met up with them for dinner.  I was stressing because of all the negative things that happened yesterday that I just needed a break.  And I got one.  It was definitely nice to relax and rest in the company of good friends.

The three of us headed back to the hotel and about an hour later his wife was gone out for the night.  He and I were alone and my God did we have a night.

We laid in bed flipping through the channels on the T.V. for a while and finally settled on watching 13 Ghosts.  It’s a crappy movie, but hey, it was something to watch.  We got bored rather quickly.  He rolled me over onto my back and proceeded to fondle me, caressing my body with his soft hands.  There is nothing more intoxicating than a man with a gentle touch and soft hands.  He held me to him and began to brush his fingers against my pussy.  I jumped and wiggled around on the bed at the sudden intensity that I felt between my legs.  The fire began to build and I was riding up against his fingers.  He wanted me and I wanted him.

He took me.  He made me his.  And God DAMN was it hot. My pussy began to ache and my lips were soon soaked with juices.  He smiled at me and at how wet I got so quickly.  I can’t help it!  He turns me on in every way imaginable.  I spread my legs wider for him and he slipped a finger in.  I was ready and I begged him to fuck me.  He made me hold out and beg a bit more before he indulged my request and rolled me onto my hands and knees.  And then the fire grew even more.  He slid into me so slowly and it felt so wonderful to have him buried inside of me.  He moved against me slowly at first before I begged for more.  He grinned and began to move a bit harder in and out of my soaked pussy.  I could feel the juice dripping down my thighs.

I wanted more.

I asked him if I could ride him.  He obliged and laid down for me.  I slid him inside of me and proceeded to pleasure him with my sweet pussy.  I’m very much a pleaser and the fact that I could look down into his eyes and see his pleasure was enough to make me tremble with my own pleasure.  Our scent started to fill the room and it drove me to ride him harder, his fingers dancing on my clit.  I begged him to stop.  It wasn’t about me.  I didn’t want to cum first this time.  I wanted to make it all about him.  And I did.

He rolled me over onto my back and entered me again.  He wanted to cum as much as I wanted him to.  He pounded my cunt and I scratched his back.  I was fighting my own orgasm.  He is the first man I have ever been with that has been able to hit my spot with his cock.  He looked at me with hunger in his eyes.  He wanted me.  He was ravishing me.  He was taking me.  He was making me his for that moment.  And then he came in me.  It was the sweetest release and his pleasure was mine.  His climax was mine.  I didn’t have to physically cum to gain my pleasure from the moment.  He removed himself from me after a few minutes of soft kissing and touching before he resumed cuddling me.

And yes, we fucked during the entire end of 13 Ghosts.  The screams in the movie mixed with mine.  It sounded like an orgy from the outside looking in.

After a while of cuddling, kissing, and just enjoying each other’s company, he turned the T.V. off and grabbed my Candy Cane.  He warmed and lubed it before fondling my pussy again.  I got wet almost instantly and he slid the end of the dildo into me.  The feel of the glass against the walls of my vagina was incredible.  It was so smooth and fit so snuggly inside of me.  He began to fuck me with it, rapidly, and I came almost instantaneously.  The combination of stimulating my clit and fucking my g-spot relentlessly with the dildo did it for me.  I exploded on it and nearly flooded the bed.  If the dildo hadn’t been plugging my pussy, I think that what flowed out of me would have put Noah’s Flood to shame.

He and I snuggled back down into bed and settled down for the rest of the night with a bunch more light kissing, cuddling, and pure bliss.  But that wasn’t the end.  Oh, not by a long shot.  He had been promising to light my ass on fire for a week and when I asked him about whether or not he was going to fulfill his promise, he grinned and got out of the bed.  I laid down on my stomach and heard him rummaging around in the toy bag.  Without warning I felt the cold slap of the pink strap paddle thing his wife has.  Oh, God was it delicious!  He proceeded to beat me with the strap for a while before switching to my ass.  I got wet again at the feel of his hand on my ass and I felt the burn.  He climbed on top of me to kiss my neck and told me how lovely my ass looked.  It was the cutest shade of pink and he snapped a picture of it for me.

After the picture he put the toys away and crawled back into bed with me.  We turned out the light and curled up for bed.  B came back from her outing not too long after we curled up in bed and it was definitely a great end to a great night.  And a wonderful end to a shitty week.

I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow.  Even if we don’t do anything but snuggle and hang out, I am perfectly okay with that.  Definitely one of the best nights I have had in the past few months.

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