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Just a warning…

December 13th, 2009

warningI’m really behind on reviews.  Like, a month on a couple.  I’m trying to catch up so the feed might be inundated for a minute.

I’m also trying to finish cleaning up the format in past posts.  You might get more blasts from the past from me than new content for a little while.  But seeing’s as a bunch of you are new readers (You thought we didn’t notice, huh? We did.  And we’re extremely excited to have you.  Welcome!), and nobody has time to go to the back of a blog that has 800+ posts in it these days, I figure that might be a good thing.

Or it’ll suck and you’ll all leave.  Which will be kinda lame and I’ll never forgive you!

Shut up, I can so too hold a grudge! That bitch I ranted about a while back is living proof!

I will be posting on my required posting days (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) but you might not hear from me otherwise until I get this stuff done.  Just letting y’all know!

~pig whore in red lingerie… again.

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