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This may be beating a dead horse, but…

December 6th, 2009

…with regard to the idea that Disney’s motive is to keep women down, something else hit me this morning.  Besides Master’s rock hard cock, I mean.

Aladdin has a number of “It’s bullshit that I’m treated this way cause I’m a woman.” scenes with Jasmine.  There are the numerous arguments she has with her father.  There are the arguments she has with Jafar.

Let’s not forget when Aladdin pole vaults across the alleyway and Jasmine follows suit.  When Al looks shocked that a girl could pole vault across the alleyway as effortlessly as he does, Jasmine smirks and says, “I’m a fast learner.” Then she expertly tosses him the pole and walks off like nothing happened.

And the best is when she walks in on the Sultan, Jafar and “Prince Ali Ababwa” arguing about what’s best for her.  You expect to see smoke coming from her ears as she folds her arms, narrows her eyes and says, “How dare you? All of you.  Standing around deciding my future.  I am not a prize to be won.”

But most feminists will claim that was Disney’s attempt at redeeming themselves, I’m sure.  Ah well.

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