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And then, Master saved the day.

December 2nd, 2009

He always knows just how to handle things.  Always knows just what I need.

He turned around when I told Zedd to shut up and caught a tear running down my face.  “When I get out of the bathroom, I want to see your fat ass hanging off the edge of the bed.  Just push the gown up over your ass.  Don’t take it off.”

“Yes, Master.”  I whimpered, and I went to do what I was told.

I cringed when I heard His footsteps coming toward me.  I knew what was coming.  The only thing that could come.  The one thing I needed.

The first stroke of the crop felt like the paddle and I yelped.  And when He tried to stick His cock in me and my body didn’t respond, He punched me.  Days like these, that’s all my body or mind respond to.  Violence.  Degradation.

I was instantly wet.

After a while, He switched from the crop to the kangaroo flogger.  And with each lash of the whip, I could feel the heartache dissipating.  The panic slipping away.

Yeah, this is what I needed.

When He was ready, He ordered me on my back with my legs spread.  And He beat me while He fucked me, and then came deep in my pussy.  And when He was finished, He laid on the bottom of the bed, His chest held up by an elbow, and beat my tits, thighs, belly and cunt with the crop and the flogger while I masturbated to an orgasm that was almost too much to bear.

Just before I came, He started beating my pussy.  “Please don’t stop!” I called out as I felt the orgasm build.

Yeah… He always knows just what I need.  Master to the rescue.  He saved the day.

Thank you, Master.  This is why I love you more than life.

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