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Product Review: Fingo’s Nubby Finger Vibrator by The Screaming O

November 27th, 2009

fingosnubbyfingervibrator-ia-k-ib-k351_1136054-350x350.jpheOoo, what’s that?

That’s Fingo’s Nubby Finger Vibrator from The Screaming O.  It’s a waterproof vibrating bullet with a nubby sleeve.

What’d it come in?

Fingo, as I’ve come to call it, came in a piece of molded plastic glued to a piece of red cardboard.  On the front is a busty blond in a red bustier making the ever famous “O face”, and on the back is a hand sporting this and two other similar toys made by The Screaming O.

How’s it made?

The bullet is about two inches long and an inch wide.  It’s made of clear, pink plastic with a black o-ring between the cap and the shaft.  On the bottom is a little black button.  Push once for on and once more for off, or tap it with the tip of your thumb to make your own pulsation variable. 

The sleeve is also about two inches long and an inch wide.  It’s made of high grade silicone, angled slightly for easy clitoral stimulation and has a number of small nubs covering the front.  It’s soft and smooth, but seems to be pretty durable.

The Fingo takes three watch batteries that are inserted negative down and positive up.  You’ll find the battery compartment by unscrewing the end of the bullet.

What’s it for?

Fingo’s main purpose is pinpoint clitoral stimulation with a bit of added texture and drag.  However, it works well in all your erogenous zones.  And don’t forget your guys! Fingo’s vibrations can be enjoyed by anyone.

How is it?

Fingo is amazing at its job for the short time its batteries last.  The drag of the nubs isn’t too much or too little.  The vibrations aren’t too strong or too weak.  They’re not too deep or too shallow.  The finger strap is just tight enough to hold Fingo in place, so long as you don’t lube it up too much.  The slick back of the silicone sleeve gets pretty slippery when wet.

The only complaint I have is that the batteries were dead after one session.  And when they go dead, they don’t just go dead.  They trick you into believing they’ve got enough juice left to get the job done.  Until you’ve found your groove.  Then they turn off and on at irregular intervals.  And not in a fun way.  So keep fresh batteries on hand.

How do you care for it?

While this vibe is said to be made of silicone, it’s ridiculously soft.  So I use a nonabrasive antibacterial cleaner and store it in a ziplock bag by itself.  I still haven’t tried any silicone lubes and would caution you against using one with Fingo.  Water based is probably the way to go with this toy.

Where’d ya get it?

Adam & Eve sent Fingo’s Nubby Finger Vibrator to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  Adam and Eve is one of the oldest toy companies out there.  They promote a sex positive lifestyle with their wide array of sex toys, lingerie and adult movies.  They offer discreet shopping and shipping and guarantee your satisfaction.  They also donate twenty-five percent of the proceeds from each purchase to a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of the spread of disease and overpopulation around the world.

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