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Product Review: Waterproof Dolphin Sonata by Evolved

November 24th, 2009

EN-AB-1101-23_001_mdOoo, what’s that?

That? That’s just the awesome-ist rabbit-like vibrator I’ve used, so far.  It’s called the Symphony Dolphin over at TabuToys.com, but Evolved calls it the Waterproof Dolphin Sonata.

What’d it come in?

The Dolphin Sonata came in the traditional tin box that we all know and love.  Only this red box, decorated with a black tribal design and the words “Love is back”, has a lid (complete with clear plastic window) that lifts completely free and is held closed by metal flip up clasps.  The toy was snuggled comfortably in molded black foam inside.

How’s it made?

This toy is eight and one half inches long, six of those being insertable, and one and one half inches in diameter.  The shaft is soft blue TPR, as well as the dolphin, and the handle is satin finish hard TPR.

Both the dolphin and the shaft have bullet vibrators inside, which you can see through the TPR.  The bullet in the dolphin is close to the handle.  The one in the shaft is a little over half an inch from the tip.  They vibrate at the same speed and intensity and are controlled by a small push button on the bottom of the toy. 

The shaft is sort of shaped like an ocean wave, rolling from dolphin to tip, and is amazingly flexible.  There are shallow wavy lines along the sides that give the appearance of a dolphin jumping in the sea.  It also has a couple of nubs that are about a tenth of an inch or so high.

The handle unscrews to reveal a removable battery compartment which just tickled me pink.  It’s clearly labeled with which way the batteries go and shaped so it’s impossible to put the compartment in the wrong way.  For someone like me who’s always wrestling with the batteries, that’s frickin’ awesome.

What’s it for?

The flexibility of the shaft and its curves are designed with your g-spot in mind, while Flipper laps at your clit.  Each luscious curve and bulge stimulates all the right spots with little to no effort.  The softness of the shaft allows it to mold to your anatomy.  And the placement of the bullets ensures the vibrations travel well through the TPR.

How is it?


Unlike some Evolved toys, the Dolphin Sonata has powerful little motors in both of the bullets.  The dolphin and the tip of the shaft are both excellent for pinpoint stimulation, as well as deep penetrating stimulation.  It’s dense and flexible, while remaining firm enough for exact g-spot stimulation.  And it’s just girthy enough to make any size queen squeal.

I might not suggest this toy to a beginner, though.  While it is only one and one half inches at its widest, the waves tend to give it a feeling of being much girthier.  Other than that, you cannot go wrong with this toy.

How do you care for it?

This toy can be washed with any toy cleaner or mild antibacterial soap.  I store it in its box, but if that isn’t possible, I’d suggest its own ziplock bag.  When sharing between orifices or partners, your best bet is to use a condom, as TPR cannot be disinfected.  And make sure the word “Evolved” is directly under the dolphin when using under water to ensure waterproofing.

Where’d ya get it?

The awesome folks at TabuToys.com sent me the Dolphin Sonata, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review of the toy.  TabuToys.com offers discreet, private shopping to men and women of all sexual orientations.  Aside from their selection of over 3000 hand-picked toys, they offer good reading material such as Sex Toys 101 and Buying Your First Vibrator.  And to help you pick out just the toy you’re looking for, they have an excellent Sex Toy Quiz.

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