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Cooking Up a Storm

November 23rd, 2009
First dinner in our last apartment

First dinner in our last apartment

M decided it’s time for us to start eating healthier.  Cut out as many preservatives as possible.  Cook from scratch.  Stuff like that.

Thanks to His raise, our food budget can handle it, now.  Buying healthy and cooking from scratch can be so expensive.  Especially when you’re cooking for four or more.  That’s where the junk food companies get you.

No… I don’t have to cook for four or more.  I could probably halve the recipes and just cook for two.  But knowing my luck, the one time I do that will be the one time He’s still hungry and I’ll have nothing to offer Him.  So instead of making enough for both of us to have seconds, I make enough for one of us to have them.  And we eat a lot of leftovers.  When I remember to put them away.

One of our New Year’s Resolutions (Can you believe we’re talking about New Year’s Resolutions already? Where did this year go??) last year was to waste less food.  I remember a time when M would refuse to eat leftovers.  I’d have to cram a week’s worth of leftovers into a week’s worth of lunches for myself.  Something always got thrown away.  We’ve been doing so much better.  Pretty much everything we prepare or buy gets eaten before it goes bad.  But once in a while, we forget it’s in there.

I prepare less food, when I can.  We only make two chicken breasts, instead of three, and sometimes even that’s too much.  I make fewer potatoes and more meat and green veggies.  We don’t have pasta as often, and when we do, I don’t prepare near as much.  If there’s no extra, we can’t eat it at 11pm when we’re supposed to be sleeping.

I don’t know that it’s doing any good.  I certainly haven’t lost any weight.  We’ll see, I guess.

We went shopping yesterday, and I had a list and a menu and everything.  I forgot one or two things, but nothing I can’t buy at the corner store.  No biggie.  For working on it by myself, and Him not having a chance to double check my work, I did pretty damn good.

He was… shocked when I started telling Him when I was making what.  It’s been ages since I’ve made an actual menu.  And then there’s the fact that I’m doing serious prep work.  Like, right this minute, in the slow cooker, there’s cheddar broccoli soup for tomorrow’s lunch.  And a little while ago, I made veggie cream cheese for bagels.  Wednesday, I’m making a quiche for breakfast on Thanksgiving.  And probably the cranberry sauce.  I might even prep the green bean casserole so Master only has to pop it in our tiny ass oven for a little while.

We’re having pot roast the night before Thanksgiving.  And you know, it’s funny.  I know a bunch of families that do the same thing.  Usually, someone just tosses everything in the slow cooker first thing Wednesday morning, and off they go.  That way, they don’t have to worry about dinner.  It’s already done.

Lunch today was my version of Sicilian Escarole Salad.  Tonight is M’s version of steak parm subs.  With the absolutely delicious sub sauce we get from the meat market up the road.  Talk about perfect.  Okay, okay, so it’s cheating.  But it’s so damn good it’s worth it.

I’m so excited about the cooking part of fall and winter.  Time for soups and stews and roasts and all kinds of other slow cooked goodness.  I just wish I had more counter space.

~Domesticated pig whore

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