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November 22nd, 2009

If you watch Heroes, then you know Matt Parkman, played by Greg Grunberg (Speaking of which, I still haven’t found out if Matt survived his attempt at suicide by cop! I’ve so gotta catch up!).

If you know anything about me, you know that I have a stalker-esque obsession with Greg Grunberg. Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad. I don’t collect memorabilia or fly to locations he’ll be on or anything like that. Hell, I’m not even completely sure where the man calls home. But he’s one of only a few celebrities I still follow on Twitter. And if I’m to be honest, I’d have to say it’s because he’s the only one who’s ever responded to me.

I mean, sure I talked to Christian Bale. But, alas, it wasn’t the real Christian Bale. Lamesauce, right?

Okay, okay! I hear you! What’s Yowza!! got to do with all this?

I learned about Yowza! by following Greg Grunberg on Twitter. Yowza!! is an iPhone app that Greg Grunberg co-created. But what does it do?

It saves you a shitload of money.

According Yowza!!’s bio, from the second you load Yowza!! onto your phone, it starts searching for coupons as close as a mile away from you and as far away as fifty miles. You can use it at over 10,000 locations (hotels, restaurants, department stores, etc.) nationwide. And it has saved Yowza!! users $209,000 since its creation.

I hear ya. I don’t have an iPhone either. Not really interested in one, as I said in a previous post. So while I loved the concept of Yowza!!, I couldn’t benefit because it was only available to iPhone users.

Not anymore!

A little while ago, Grunny tweeted that Yowza!! is going to be available for all smart phones! You best believe I’m jumping on that bandwagon. M’s stupid smart phone will be useful after all!

So keep your eyes peeled for the Yowza!! app for your smart phone. And thank Grunny when you see how much you can save.

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