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Product Review: Colorful Spiral Wrapped G-Spot Wonder by Phallix

November 19th, 2009

I used to stare at glass dildos in awe.  They’re so beautiful.  Especially the ones in which the artist went all out and added beautiful colors and designs to the glass.  But would I enjoy them?

I’m a jelly lover at heart.  I don’t really care that jelly is one of the most dangerous materials toys are made of.  I like that they’re soft and flexible and sort of mold to your body.  Glass… doesn’t.  It’s firm and unforgiving.  And it doesn’t even vibrate!

But the more glass toys Carrie and Cinnamon bought, the more envious I got.  So, I caved and bought this toy. 

Ooo, what’s that?

That, my dear readers, is the Colorful Spiral Wrapped G-Spot Wonder in green by Phallix.  It also comes in pink and blue, but they’re currently out of stock.  And can I just say, the name says it all.

What’d it come in?

This beautifully crafted dildo came in a large, molded plastic sleeve.  With it was a pastel purple satin storage bag with white lace trim and a little white satin bow.  The storage bag has a black elastic strap with a plastic slide clasp to hold it closed.

I’m actually a little disappointed with the storage bag.  It looks really cheesy and I prefer padded bags.  I’m not really sure how much protection satin will give, aside from keeping the toy clean.  But I suppose I should be grateful it came with a bag at all.

How’s it made?

My G-Spot Wonder is seven and one half inches of slightly curved, green pyrex glass, six and one half of that being insertable.  It’s four and one half inches around at its widest point and about one and one half inches in diameter.

Though not quite as mushroomed as the head in the picture, it does have a bulbous head on one end and two subsequent balls on the other.  Inside the last bulb, which is clear, is a bluish-green and yellow daisy.  From the second ball to its bulbous head, the G-spot Wonder is wrapped with spiral ribs.

There’s no scent to it.  No taste, either.  It’s nonporous, so it won’t stain, or retain fluids or odors.  The silky-smooth surface is in direct contrast to the hardness of glass.  And the possibilities for temperature play are endless.

What’s it for?

Fucking? Duh!

But beyond that, the G-Spot Wonder does exactly what its name suggests.  It leaves your g-spot in awe.  From its bulbous head, to its exact curve, to the perfectly formed spiral ribs, this dildo is designed with your g-spot in mind.  It provides firm, direct g-spot stimulation, as well as incredible amounts of labia stimulation with every thrust.  And depending on your anatomy, you might find you’re able to use the balls on the end for clitoral stimulation.

How is it?


From the second I slipped this toy between my pussy lips, I was in love.  Before I tried it, I had intended on a long, slow masturbation session.  Really give this baby a run for its money.  Make it prove itself to me.  But the second it was between my legs, I was ready to cum.

I managed to wait a whole three thrusts before stuffing my hand between my legs and stimulating my clit.  And then it was all over.  I guess instant gratification won out in the end.  It usually does with me.

It does exactly what it’s supposed to do.  Stimulates all the right places at all the right times, leaving full control in your hands.  Just remember a little lube goes a long way or you’re in for a slip-sliding adventure with the handle.

I’d probably also suggest using this toy once you’re already aroused.  It’s not quite the same, and can sometimes be a little painful, if you don’t.  But they suggest warm up before searching for your g-spot anyway, right?

I’m sort of a g-spot beginner and have yet to have the elusive g-spot orgasm without adding clitoral stimulation and/or vibration.  I’ve come excruciatingly close with this dildo twice.  That’s more than I can say for any toy in my arsenal.

Ho do you care for it?

Clean up is a snap.  You can use pretty much any non-abrasive cleaner.  Antibacterial soap, toy cleaner, rubbing alcohol, bleach solution… Or toss it in the top drawer of your dishwasher.  Matter of fact, some suggest this method as the easiest and best.  I, unfortunately, don’t have a dishwasher.  So I stick to antibacterial soap or toy cleaner.

Be sure, if you do decide to boil this toy, you let the water cool to room temperature before removing the toy.  Pyrex glass is susceptible (although not as much as other types of glass) to breaking due to extreme temperature change.

Be careful not to drop it.  Don’t bang it against any other glass or metal toys.  And check for chips and cracks before use.

As for lube, you don’t necessarily need any.  I like things really slippery so I use a touch of Better Sex Essentials Liquid Lubricant and I’m on my way.  However, you can also use a silicone or oil based lube with this toy.

Where’d ya get it?

I bought the Colorful Spiral Wrapped G-Spot Wonder from that store, but you can pick it up straight from the manufacturer.

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