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A Blow Job and Dildo Fucking

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“Get over here and suck my cock.”

I don’t hesitate.  A slow, soft, embarrassed smile crosses my lips as I strip the clothes from my body and sink to the floor at your feet.  Indian style.  Always Indian style.  With my hands resting on two of the spoke-like protrusions that house the wheels of your chair and my breasts tucked between your knees.  How I still manage to be so modest with the things you’ve put me through – the things I’ve put myself through! – is anyone’s guess.

You said suck your cock, so I ignore your bare legs and wrap my warm, wet lips around your already ramrod member.  And I whimper when I see Rubberella has found her way to your hand.  But I don’t move when I see her fly through the short distance between your hand and my back.  Except to grip the chair harder.

Your rhythm, ever changing in strength and speed, almost always sticks to fives.  And if I have the presence of mind to count, I can count my way through the pain.  This time, though, all my concentration is on sucking your cock.  On letting the pain wash over me in waves while keeping my mouth and tongue in motion.  On conquering the urge to spit you out and back away.

My fists move from spoke-like wheel housing to arm rest, and back again, and every frantic grip turns my knuckles white.  But my mouth never stops moving.

Your voice whispers in my mind, deep and full of lust, a faded memory from a months old scene, “Look at me.  I want to see the suffering in your eyes.”  And I open my eyes and lift them to yours.  Cerulean and mahogany meet and sparks ignite.

An electric shock traces my throat, wells up in my ribcage and shoots down to my cunt leaving gentle, delicious aftershocks along its path as I realize you’re looking back at me.  Our eyes never leave each other as Rubberella falls again and again and my tongue glides sloppily against your balls.  There is no doubt you are enjoying my suffering.

Between groups of lashes, your head falls back and your eyes close.  Your mouth falls open and soft, gravely moans escape your throat.  I watch a myriad of emotion dance across your face as I pull myself closer and bury my nose in your pubic hair, hungry for the musty, sex-filled scent of you.

My throat closes on your cock.  You hold me there.  Read more…

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