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The Hunt Begins

November 8th, 2009 2 comments

the-future-of-dating-8393-1235148902-4“…She had this smile and I asked her what it was about and she said  she had gotten a date and that he was an eight.”

“What did eight mean?”

Peggy smiled and Push thought it was probably like the smile she had described for Linda.  “Ten is the best and one is a real mouthbreather – a slump.  You never date anything under a five and you never meet a ten unless he’s already married.  That’s Murphy’s Law.  And you’re always looking to move up.  Since a ten is impossible the best is nine, and an eight is very, very high.  I thought she was kidding, but she wasn’t.  He was definitely an eight.”

“How do you know that?”

“Well, it’s complicated.  I’ve only dated one eight in my life and that was a doctor who wasn’t gay, had never been married and was not – you know – sick.  It didn’t work out but that’s life.  And I knew a lawyer once who I think was an eight but I never dated him because my roommate was after him.  It’s money, part of it, but not just that – money and looks and the way a man moves and even his buns.”

“His buns?”

“Yes.”  She laughed now, even white teeth flashing.  “A man should have tight, round buns, no gut, a clean appearance, good shoulders and lots of money.” – Night Rituals by Garry Paulsen

When I read that passage, I nearly choked.

The fact that people really are that shallow always makes me sad.  Friendships and relationships should be about who the person is inside.  Their monetary value and aesthetic appearance should have nothing to do with anything.  I get the whole having to actually be attracted to someone to want to sleep with them and wanting to have help supporting your family thing.  I don’t understand people who build friendships and relationships on those things, though.

I learned the hard way, I guess.  I went after the Ken dolls for years and got smacked down by each one.  Though I still think I won that war.  It was, very much, about winning or losing with them.  Read more…

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