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So much for my break!

November 6th, 2009

So I got mostly caught up.  I had two sponsored reviews left to do.  I was gonna take a break so I could catch up on some other things I’d like to get done.  And then I got some things in the mail and found a cute little bondage kit in my assignment box.  So keep your eyes peeled for these reviews.

Adam and Eve:

adamevecrystalcrescentdildo-ia-f-ib-f931_1075065-350x350.jphe fingosnubbyfingervibrator-ia-k-ib-k351_1136054-350x350.jphe

Eden Fantasys:

Sex_Toys_LBKS08 Sex_Toys_LBPPDC

California Exotics:


Speaking of new stuff, let me catch you up on a couple things while I’ve got your attention.

Cin is ridiculously apologetic for her absence.  At least, she better be or I’m gonna beat her up.  Kidding… kidding.  For those of you not in the know, she’s moving.  Again.  Only this time, it’s into an adorable little apartment all their own.  Honestly, I’m jealous.  Just as soon as she gets settled, she’ll be posting again.

Vieux has been busy and a little under the weather.  Silly girl is trying to keep up with a new leather family, school and Insatiable Desire, so we decided to cut her some slack.  Supposedly, for my patience, I’ll be getting some really cool scene write-ups.  ~eyes Vieux~ I better!

And finally, check out my cock font! Isn’t it adorable? I stole it off some free font website somewhere.  I lub it.  Lol.

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