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I’m starting it! What d’ya think?

November 3rd, 2009 4 comments

discussionnightA while back, Kaya posted a question asking whether or not it can be considered submission if the owner always only makes the submissive do things he or she wants to do. I might have already answered it. I really don’t remember.

Over on her site, I said:

Well… If that’s the case, what happens when you run out of things you won’t do?

Cause, like, my limits are waning. Things I never would have done in a million years seven years ago, I’ve done recently without batting an eyelash.

So if you run out of things you won’t do – which, you know, could happen, maybe… or at least, I could run out of things within the realm of things *he’ll* do – do you cease being submissive?

I dunno, kiddo.

And then I started thinking about my friend and her post about the little orders her owner gives her to keep her in an active happy sub place. Which then brought me to Kaya’s recent post about topping from the bottom. And then it all got mixed up in my head and I started wondering if I top from the bottom. Either because neither of us have noticed it or because Master allows it because he doesn’t mind so much.

And is it “topping from the bottom” if it’s not my fault? Like, if I made a suggestion and he liked the idea and decided to go with it? Or if I’m just rambling away about how I’d do it if it were me and my way was more logical (yes, I realize how improbable that is. work with me!) so he went with it?  Read more…

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