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Hang the pixie lamp, Tink! We’re coming back!

October 27th, 2009 4 comments

tinker_bell_fairyWe’re going to Disney next year on our own dime.

Did you hear what I just said? We’re on our way out of the red.  By this time next year we’ll be, at the very least, comfortable.  Probably still in debt because two people who started having babies at sixteen build up a lot of debt.  But we’re already paying it off and climbing out.  And we’re saving up for a trip to Disney on our own dime.

I’m so excited I spent almost the entire day yesterday looking at pictures and pricing out vacation packages and trying to decide if we have to stay in the resort we were in last time or if we can afford to pay a couple hundred dollars extra and stay somewhere a little more grown up.  Like, say, Port Orleans – Riverside or Port Orleans – French Quarter.  I’d love to stay at the Polynesian Resort or the Animal Kingdom Lodge or the Wilderness Lodge, but I haven’t even had the balls to price them out.  They’re almost definitely beyond the scope of what we can afford, and I’ll either work on M until I can convince Him it’s worth the extra price, making Him feel obligated to give in, or get really disappointed.

Can I just tell you, for those who haven’t been or haven’t stayed in a resort, that everything about how they handle their vacation booking and their guests is incredible? Disney has this shit down to a science.  If you need it, they’ve thought of it.  The only thing you really have to bring is clothes and souvenir money.  And the clothes are almost optional because you could build a whole new wardrobe in Downtown Disney.  That’s not including the stuff you can buy in the parks.  It’s freaking amazing!

So it starts on their website.  You book your room, pick which park tickets you want, choose your dining plan, book your flight and decide what ground transportation you want from the airport to your resort.

That’s right.  You can book your flight, room, food and park tickets all on one website from the privacy of your own home.  No hassle, or dealing with a pushy travel agent.  Once you pay, you have two choices: Sit around and do nothing till it’s time to pack or call the 1-800 number they give you and make reservations for all of your “fine dining” dinners.  Read more…

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