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Scene Write-Up 10/23/09

October 26th, 2009

This past weekend was amazing and I have much more to come with Halloween approaching. This weekend was just one of three, yes three, that I will be spending with my M in the next three weeks. It feels good to know that he and I are going to see each other three weekends in a row. I love how our schedules work right now.

Friday night Tab and I went to Jasmine, along with two of our friends, to visit with my mentor and protector as well as his household.  My mentor, Master Gabriel, is the Dungeon Monitor of the club and he is there every weekend.  He did not know, fully, that Tab was going to be with me and it was nice to see him smile when they shook hands.  I knew that it was going to be a long night for both me and a fellow submissive friend.  And indeed it was.

Let me set the mood for you before I go into detail as to why the following scene happened.  First off, I had been telling my fellow submissive friend of how Thumper, Tab’s huge ass paddle that I love to pieces, is poly amorous with me and that I was and am more than willing to share him with others.  The whole joke here is that I hate Thumper with a passion because he is a huge ass paddle and stings like a mother fucker.  I am more than willing to allow someone else to be struck with him that isn’t me.  My friend wanted to test that theory.  Her theory was tested.

Also, this is the first hard play night that Tab and I have shared together.

Both she and I had been promised a long night with our antics during the week.  Somehow conspiring with my friend to make socks into sock puppets led to us being in hot water.  Let me tell you, being in hot water with that woman is always fun, even though it’s painful as hell.  No, we aren’t put into hot water that would scald our skin.  It’s metaphoric and being placed in hot water that would scald our skin would probably be pleasant compared to what we endure on occasion.  Now that I have set the scene, let’s begin with the fun.  After Tab had placed his collar on me, a feeling that cannot be described with a few simple words, both my friend and I were placed on the spanking bench and told to bend over.  We did as we were told and my wonderful M laid into us with Thumper.  Oh what a marvelous feeling it was.  I hate the sting.  I cannot stand stingy toys, but I love when he uses what I hate against me.  He knows how much I loathe Thumper and he plays on that loathing so very well.  He drove out some whimpers and cries from my mouth and I knelt there enjoying the sounds my companion made.

After a couple of minutes of being struck back and forth with Thumper, we were told to hold him on our backs and not let him fall.  No problem, right?  Wrong.  It’s harder to hold steady with a paddle teetering and tottering on your back when you’re being struck with a whip.  One hard crack of a single tail and I almost leaped up and through the roof.  I didn’t, but the feeling was so intense that it left me breathless for quite some time.  I started to drift off into my head space and I could not tell that my M was behind me gently tapping me with the tip of his whip.  I processed the pain and sting and melted as he struck me.  After the whip strikes, Tab struck me with his bare hands and finally his crop which, after a couple of swats, caused me to call out and end that portion of our play.

That was the end of round one.  Now…on to round two.

Tab and I sat and socialized for a while with our group of friends who were in and out of the dungeon that night and after about an hour or so he put me back on the spanking bench.  This time I was up there alone.  My adrenaline kicked in.  This is it.  This is the moment I have been dreaming of and waiting for to share with Tab.  I have never given my full submission to another man, or woman, before in this lifestyle.  I have fully given it to Tab and kneeling on the bench for him, bent over, exposed and ready left me in a wonderful place.  He is definitely the man who knows how to control me and play on my body, fears, and emotions.  He knows me so well and has learned me in so little time.  We continue to grow together, but it is just amazing to me how much he already knows about me.

Back to the scene.  I had begged Tab for a few weeks to flog me and I got my wish.  He didn’t strike me with the twins he has, though.  Oh no.  He struck me with a new set of floggers that our friends crafted themselves.  The Bitches, as we like to call them, are personally crafted by Vice Leather (I’m not sure what their formal name is as of yet) and are just beautiful to see in person.  This set is wonderful not only because of the craftsmanship, but because of the way that the thud and sting combination is created.  There is enough thud to balance out the sting of the tips.  Tab began with this set of floggers and they sent me onto Cloud Nine.  I soared with pain and pleasure as he struck me with them.  Harder, faster, slowing down only to speed up again.  Pound, scream, thwack, scream, POW, EEEEK!  My ass trembled and warmed up again for him after having rested for a little while.  He then followed up with his set of baby bull hide floggers and he only knows what else.  I couldn’t see what he was using, but whatever he used besides the baby bulls made me feel so warm and fuzzy and helped me release my emotions that were just pounding to be released.

After our flogging session, he let me rest for a little while before we engaged in electric play.  Now, I have a huge fear of electricity from the past.  I had a bad first experience and I never wanted to do it again.  I am slowly conquering that fear and I began Friday night.  Tab laid me down and took out his violet wand.  I don’t know what all the terminology is and what all the components are called for it, so just bear with me.  He plugged the unit up and reassured me that he was leaving it on the lowest setting possible.  I nodded nervously and tried to relax myself.  He ran his fingertips over me and sent the shocks through my body slowly and gently.  He was able to accomplish this by slipping some silver tube looking thing into his pocket and generating the electricity through his body.  I have no idea how it works.  I just know that it’s pretty neat to watch.  Being as tense as I was, I found it hard to enjoy and called out of our play a bit sooner than I had wanted to.  He was proud of me for taking a baby step to conquering my fear and that made me a proud girl indeed.

That was the end of our play for the night and we packed up not too long after that to head back to our hotel room.  It was definitely a good night for both of us and only the beginning of much deeper intense scenes to come in the future.

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  1. October 26th, 2009 at 09:11 | #1

    Oh yum. I definitely want to try the violet wand. And I think Thumper and I need to take a tumble. See if he’s as badass as you say. =D
    .-= rayne´s last blog ..Oh! What a beautiful morning! =-.

  2. VieuxCarre
    October 26th, 2009 at 16:42 | #2

    Be careful what you wish for. He’s a beast.

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