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Product Review: Babeland Body Essentials Kit by Babeland Toys

October 24th, 2009

BabelandBodyEssentialsPleasureWe’re growing ever more addicted to massage oils and massages.  Between the scents we’ve tried and watching M visibly relax into the mattress, it’s become something I adore even as my hands begin to ache with the effort.  So when Babeland Toys offered the Babeland Body Essentials Kit in Pleasure for review, I ignored all the other options.  We are, after all, still on the hunt for the perfect massage oil.

I was a ball of excitement when the UPS guy finally dropped it off.  And then I left it sitting on the dresser for… a week? At least.

When I opened Pleasure’s clear blue plastic case, I got a little worried.  Her Lickable Oil and BabeLicious are both Mojito Peppermint.  M isn’t much of a mint fan.

A proper mojito, for those not in the know, is made with lime juice, mint leaves, pure cane sugar, good rum and a dash of soda water.  They’re often garnished with a piece of sugar cane and a sprig of mint leaves.  They go down easy, quench your thirst and give you a warm, comfy buzz, without leaving you feeling icky in the morning.  And they happen to be my favorite drink to relax with. 

I bucked up my courage and decided to ease M into Pleasure.  She has four other products to offer (Massage Oil, Massage Oil Spray, Massage Bar, Massage Candle), and they’re all Himalayan White Tea.  Well… Except the massage candle.  Its scent is called “Pashmina”, which is a wool made in Kashmir.  It certainly doesn’t smell like any wool I’ve ever smelled, but it does smell amazingly good.

I didn’t tell Him I was going to give Him a massage.  I just unwrapped the massage bar and began to rub His shoulders.  He giggled and shrugged me away.  Definitely gotta remember to take the paper all the way off, next time.

Massage bars are an amazing invention, let me tell you.  Because they soften upon contact with body heat, there’s no fuss, no dribbles, no drips.  No mess except the barely-there residue they leave behind, which makes them great for travel or a quick pick-me-up before a meeting.  It releases a seductive aroma I can only describe as vanilla and the slightest hint of mojito as it begins to warm up.  It doesn’t stain cloth or wood.  And besides that, you can use the shape to add pressure and texture to the massage.

I’m betting this is more easily done with the cubes as opposed to the wafer that came in the Body Essentials Kit.  I intend to find out.

Before I got too far into using the massage wafer, I lit the Pashmina Massage Candle so it would have time to melt some.  And this is where I started to get nervous.

M is not a masochist.  We’ve never used massage candles before.  I wasn’t sure how hot it would get.  Would it be like wax play? Would He hate it?

I braced myself as I picked up the tin and breathed a sigh of relief when it felt cool to the touch.  Then I drizzled it slowly onto His back.  I kept my free hand cupped below where I was dripping the wax because He was angled weird and I didn’t want it to get on the sheets.  But, much to my surprise, it stayed exactly where it was put until I was ready to rub it into His skin.

He sucked in a gasp and said, “That’s a little hot.”  But He said it felt good.  It smelled good, too.  A waxier version of the Massage Bar, almost, with a little more vanilla and a little less mojito.

I didn’t have to get my nose anywhere near Him to smell the heavenly scent that seemed to strengthen the more I massaged His skin.  I got so lost in the aroma and rubbing His back that I didn’t notice, at first, when my hands started to ache.

Instead of stopping, I pulled out the Massage Oil Spray and spritzed it onto the backs of M’s thighs and calves.  This massage oil is thin, but not runny, and the scent is a little lighter than the other products.  Even for a big guy like M, three sprays was all I needed to rub the back of each leg.  And it rubbed in almost completely.  No complaints of “sliminess”.  Another no fuss product that doesn’t stain or leave M uncomfortable.  Win!

In the morning, I pulled out the Massage Oil and woke Him with another massage.  His skin still smelled faintly of the candle from the night before and I couldn’t keep my nose away.  Babeland really got this fragrance perfect.  The Himalayan White Tea is addicting and arouses my senses like something I’ve never experienced before.

The Massage Oil is slightly thicker than the spray and moves around a bit more.  I’d suggest using this oil with your partner laying flat to avoid drippage.  Pour it into the palm of your hand before applying it to your partner’s skin because it can get a bit cold.  But a couple seconds in your hand, and then the friction of rubbing it into your partner’s back, will warm it up beautifully.

I’m  not a huge fan of BabeLicious or the Lickable Oil.

BabeLicious is water based, which is good.  But it failed miserably as a jack off lube, turning gummy quickly and staying cold the entire time it was being used, though my hands were quite warm, and even for about five minutes or so during oral sex.  Which brings me to the fact that it’s almost flavorless and leaves a slight film in your mouth for a minute.

The Lickable Oil rubs in a little too quickly, though it reactivates when licked.  But it, too, is almost flavorless, and feels waxy against the tongue.  The mojito scent in both of these products is faint.  BabeLicious is more mint than mojito and the Lickable Oil is more lime.

The more we use the kit, the happier I’ve become with it.  I probably won’t use this flavor of BabeLicious or the Lickable Oil again.  But I will definitely be replenishing my supply of the other products.  Thank you, Babeland!


Lickable Oil: Sweet Almond Oil, Flavor
BabeLicious: Deionized Water, Sorbitol, Cellulose Gum, Polyquaternium-7, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Citric Acid, Flavor
Massage Oil: Sweet Almond Oil, Fragrance
Massage Oil Spray: Sweet Almond Oil, Cyclomethicone, fragrance
Massage Bar: Cocoa butter, Shea Butter, Fragrance
Massage Candle: Soy Wax, Fragrance

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