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Oh! What a beautiful morning!

October 24th, 2009 5 comments

LoveIsCoffeeToday is quite obviously just a chill kind of day.  As in, we haven’t even opened the blinds or turned on the lamp.

I put Master to bed last night with a long, warm massage complete with a massage candle and lotioned feet.  Then I woke Him this morning with another massage and a blow job.  And just a few minutes ago, He sent me to the bedroom so He could massage my back with our new massage candle from Babeland.

When He was finished, I thanked Him and He told me to go get in the shower.  I asked Him if I could enjoy another cup of coffee first, and He obliged.  So, we sat here listening to some pretty chill music in the mostly dark room.  And as the music ebbs, we can still hear the tires on the street spitting the rain back at the sky.

The birds are warbling and clicking.  Mellow and quiet.  Even Zedd isn’t daring enough to completely break the relaxed mood that has fallen over the house.  We’re all just holed up in our little cocoon happy, snug and warm.  Thumbing our nose at the cold, miserable weather outside.  Allowing it to set this quiet, relaxed, romantic ambiance, rather than letting it bring us down.

I finished my coffee and sauntered off to the shower.  My senses were flooded with the bright, refreshing scent of grapefruit and thyme as I scrubbed the White Himalayan Tea and Mojito from my back and ass.  And as I stepped out of the shower, I realized this was the perfect morning for cocoa bean and goji berry.

I told you it was growing on me.

So here I sit, smelling sexy, sipping on hot java and listening to the morning noises my family makes.  Life is good.  Read more…

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Product Review: Babeland Body Essentials Kit by Babeland Toys

October 24th, 2009 Comments off

BabelandBodyEssentialsPleasureWe’re growing ever more addicted to massage oils and massages.  Between the scents we’ve tried and watching M visibly relax into the mattress, it’s become something I adore even as my hands begin to ache with the effort.  So when Babeland Toys offered the Babeland Body Essentials Kit in Pleasure for review, I ignored all the other options.  We are, after all, still on the hunt for the perfect massage oil.

I was a ball of excitement when the UPS guy finally dropped it off.  And then I left it sitting on the dresser for… a week? At least.

When I opened Pleasure’s clear blue plastic case, I got a little worried.  Her Lickable Oil and BabeLicious are both Mojito Peppermint.  M isn’t much of a mint fan.

A proper mojito, for those not in the know, is made with lime juice, mint leaves, pure cane sugar, good rum and a dash of soda water.  They’re often garnished with a piece of sugar cane and a sprig of mint leaves.  They go down easy, quench your thirst and give you a warm, comfy buzz, without leaving you feeling icky in the morning.  And they happen to be my favorite drink to relax with.  Read more…