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Product Review: Energizing Body Souffle by Intimate Organics

October 23rd, 2009

IOBodyWe have definitely found a winner in the lotion department.  And I will absolutely be exploring the rest of this company’s products.

Long ago, in a land not so far away, I used to work at this cute little green shop in the mall called “The Earth Shop”.  You’ve all seen shops like it before, I’m sure.  The Earth Shop catered more to the hippies that had grown out of their “wild and free” phase.  The ones that work in Corporate America.  The ones that wear their causes like badges instead of just something they believe in.  It was a little green store before being green was cool.

This store sold every organic personal care product you could imagine.  Lotions and oils and scrubs and candles and soaps and makeups and shave creams and…  And even with the employee discount, I couldn’t afford their prices.  So I lusted after their organic products till I was blue in the face. 

Not too long ago, I finally decided to buy Intimate Organics Energizing Body Souffle.  It’s professed to have a fresh orange and wild ginger fragrance that is supposed to energize the senses through aroma therapy.  And although the scent is a little on the Pine-Sol-y side, I absolutely adore it.  Not really the pine fragrance of Pine-Sol.  But sort of like a citrus one.

The lotion is paraben and dea free, naturally derived and purely vegan.  It’s ingredients are listed on the back of the black label, which is stuck to a clear recyclable plastic squeeze tube with a screw-off lid.  Body Souffle is water based and its extracts are certified by the USDA Organic Board.

The lotion is a pearly white and has a texture and consistency similar to that of hair conditioner.  It feels nice gliding on the skin and moisturizes amazingly well without leaving your skin with that “I just applied lotion.” feeling.  It rubs in completely with almost no effort, leaving no shine behind, and leaves a light, fresh, citrus-y fragrance on the skin for hours.

The directions on the back of the bottle say to apply this lotion to damp skin.  I’ve found that I get the best results when I use it just after stepped out of the shower and towel dried.  But I do occasionally apply the lotion to my dry appendages throughout the day with no adverse effects.

The best thing about this lotion, I’ve found, is that it does not leave M’s skin feeling “slimy” after I apply it to His skin.  Those of you who keep up with my reviews know that this is a major selling point for me.  If I don’t have to counteract whatever moisturizing properties a lotion may have had by washing His skin after applying it, I’m absolutely sold.  Until I accidentally bought the wrong fragrance, He was having me apply this lotion to His feet nightly.

I screwed up and accidentally bought Sensual, the cocoa bean and goji berry version of this amazing lotion.  With regard to performance and feel, Sensual holds up just as well as Energizing.  The difference really only seems to be the fact that Sensual is pearly brown, instead of white, and its fragrance.

I would not suggest Sensual to someone who doesn’t like chocolate scents.  I’m not usually a fan and, true to form, I hated Sensual at first.  Vowed never to buy it again and apologized profusely for my mistake.  It’s growing on me, however, so I’ll probably keep it around.

I bought this product on my own dime and am absolutely in love.  Run, don’t walk, and get yourself some today. You can pick it up straight from the manufacturer.

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