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And now… presenting our newest blogger…

October 23rd, 2009

MegIDProfPicWe’ve bumped heads and screamed two different tunes and kissed and made up.   We don’t always see eye to eye and we definitely live different lives.  Here she is! The one… The only… VieuxCarre!

Hers is a much different relationship, as you can see from her first post here at Insatiable Desire.  She’s working on her last year of college and holding down a job and learning to be a good… Well, whatever it is she is.

We, at Insatiable Desire, thought that Vieux (and possibly her man, should he choose to poke his head in) could offer some insight into a side of BDSM that we haven’t yet experienced: The real life community.

Tab and Vieux belong to a group or two, frequent clubs, go to events and have occasion to visit a play party or two.  They play with more than just each other and Vieux is currently being trained at Jasmine Private Club in New Orleans by Master Gabriel, who is also her protector in Tab’s absence.

Vieux plans to talk about what it’s like being new to the real life community, how she’s dealing with her first round of formal training, being part of a leather family and much, much more.  We hope you enjoy what she has to say and welcome her to the site!

We’re still looking for one or two more guest bloggers.  If you’re interested, drop Melen a line through His contact form and let Him know what you think you can add to the site.

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