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Slavery: What’s it to you? – Rayne’s Version

October 23rd, 2009 4 comments

Cin worked up a list of questions for herself and then asked me if I’d be willing to answer them also.  I thought, “Why the hell not?” So, here they are:

1 – Does being enslaved set you free or dehumanize you?

A little of both.  I don’t really see the two as mutually exclusive.

2 – Dehumanizing: Is it a goal?  Is it something that is progressively worked towards?

This really depends on the relationship.  In some cases, it’s simply a side effect.

In our relationship, it’s sort of both.  I never would have believed myself animalistic before I was a slave.  Now, I’m occasionally seen acting closer to a cherished dog than a lover.  Slavery has brought something out of me that is very primal in nature.  Whether it’s dehumanization or embracing my humanity, I’m not sure.

3 – Are you part of a “loving” M/s dynamic or not?

Yes, very much so.

4 – Is your slavery a gift or just part of who you are?

Submission is not a gift.  Neither is slavery.  My slavery isn’t just part of who I am.  It defines me.

5 – As a slave, do you feel you do/should have any rights outside of begging release?

My list of rights is very short and can be revoked at any time.  I have the right to His love and affection.  I have the right to His honesty.  I have the right to full disclosure with regard to any outside relationships or sexual encounters.  And I have the right to His control.

I’m more than welcome to beg release if I want.  More likely than not, though, He’d tell me no.  I do not have the right to leave if He chooses not to let me go.  I am property.

Do I feel it should be this way? In all honesty, I feel it should be however it works for us.  If, in the future, we find it more comfortable to give me more rights, He should.  If we find it works better if I have less rights, He should take them away.  Read more…

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Product Review: Energizing Body Souffle by Intimate Organics

October 23rd, 2009 Comments off

IOBodyWe have definitely found a winner in the lotion department.  And I will absolutely be exploring the rest of this company’s products.

Long ago, in a land not so far away, I used to work at this cute little green shop in the mall called “The Earth Shop”.  You’ve all seen shops like it before, I’m sure.  The Earth Shop catered more to the hippies that had grown out of their “wild and free” phase.  The ones that work in Corporate America.  The ones that wear their causes like badges instead of just something they believe in.  It was a little green store before being green was cool.

This store sold every organic personal care product you could imagine.  Lotions and oils and scrubs and candles and soaps and makeups and shave creams and…  And even with the employee discount, I couldn’t afford their prices.  So I lusted after their organic products till I was blue in the face.  Read more…

Tab and Vieux vs LDR

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As stated in my bio, my M and I are in a long distance relationship.  Our long distance relationship is not like many that you see online on collarme, fetlife, or wherever you choose to involve yourself.  Many long distance relationships, from my observations in the past, have been strictly online and the couple rarely sees each other.

We aren’t quite like that description.

While we are long distance, he and I are only three hours away from each other.  It is easy for either of us to pick up and drive to see the other on any given weekend.  Due to school, work, and family obligations, however, we are not able to do so on the regular basis.  Tab and I met on Fetlife on one of the message boards for the local community, NOBLE, that we are both involved in.  He and I hit it off immediately through playful banter and back and forth nonsense and when we moved to instant messaging and the phone we just knew we had to see each other.  And we did.

He and I made arrangements to meet each other on the fourth of July weekend.  I was a nervous wreck.  I normally don’t drive on a whim to meet a stranger from the internet.  He and I have mutual friends who encouraged me to meet him, so I took the chance and I am glad that I did.  He is simply one in a million, in my book.

Since our initial meeting, we have seen each other four times since.  Why so few times?  Like I said before, we have family and work obligations that keep us from seeing each other on the regular basis.  I have been in long distance relationships before where it was strictly internet based and I only saw my significant other at the time three times in the year and half that we were together.  Tab and I have only been together for going on five months now.  I think we’re doing well in regards to seeing each other.  Read more…

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Product Review: Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion by Thrusti, Kicki, Grabbi; Illustrations by Kyle Spencer

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TruthOrDarI dare you not to have fun with this game.

Remember when we were kids sitting around the campfire, or at a birthday party, or curled up in flannel pajamas under the comforter with a flashlight? Remember the games we’d play? Seven Minutes in Heaven and Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare…

We’d drag the boys into the game and help our friends out by making the boy they were crushing on the hardest kiss them on the cheek, or hold their hand for five minutes, or dance with them.  Or if it was just us girls, there would be plenty of phone calls made that night.  Mom would often have to kick us off the phone around midnight, and then deal with angry calls from parents in the morning.

So you can imagine my excitement and the level of nostalgia when I received Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion for review from Good Vibrations.

The box it comes in is absolutely adorable.  It’s made of glossy pink and red puffy cardboard with the silhouette of a man on his hands and knees and his partner sitting on his back, a hairbrush ready for spanking in one hand.  The hinged lid opens to reveal two decks of playing cards, a single die and the directions printed plainly underneath the top.  Read more…