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SJP#83 – The Internet’s Impact

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wrong-on-the-internetDo you believe the internet has made the ‘lifestyle’ more accessible to people? How has the internet impacted your lifestyle?

I came into this kinda late in the game.  Not long after I got involved in a master/slave relationship, the internet was being mocked for its lack of resources.  The forums were starting to degenerate.  And the chat rooms were starting to empty out.

I know there are still forums and chat rooms in tact, but the number of people who frequent them has halved, and the quality of the discussions that take place has severely gone downhill.  I can remember a time when you could actually have a conversation about the different ways things are done without being flamed into nonexistence.  A time when people cared more about helping each other than pointing out how much better they or their relationships are.

I think the internet has absolutely made this “lifestyle” more accessible to people.  I mean, how could it not? From what used to be a secret society, of sorts, there are porn sites and forums and chat rooms and blogs cropping up everywhere.  What used to be discussed in hushed tones in the corners of parties has developed into clubs and munches and play parties and events.

Maybe the internet hasn’t increased the amount of kinky people in the world.  But it has definitely played at least some part in giving us all a name for our kink.  A forum to discuss it in while still remaining anonymous.  A place to gather all sorts from all over the world.

I don’t know if I consider this a good thing or a bad thing.  I mean, where as we used to come together to share our kink and enjoy the fact that others are similar to us, we now bash the shit out of each other for tying our shoes differently.  Read more…

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