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Product Review: Kookie Riding Crop by Kookie Intl

October 18th, 2009

1061000-aOur first riding crop is about twenty-two inches long.  The handle is rubber and the shaft is metal.  And the tip is two pieces of weak leather glued and sewn to the end.  It was one of those “This really sucks but we can’t afford the alternative.” buys.

And at first, we loved it! But eventually it began to fall apart, and the leather weakened even more.  Before too long, the tip of the metal shaft, which is ridiculously sharp and poky, started to come through the leather and began leaving cuts in my skin.

So when Babeland Toys offered me the Kookie Riding Crop I was ecstatic.  I mean, look at it! It looks hella better than the one we bought from one of the local sleaze joints we call “adult bookstores”.  And, even though I love crops, I had begun to hate the one we had.

The Kookie Riding Crop is eighteen inches of leather and nylon.  The handle is a rubbery material which prevents slipping.  The shaft is weaved nylon – which definitely beats metal in impact play! – and the tip is leather.  The tip is three and one half inches long and one and three quarters inches at its widest point.  It’s all one piece folded over and sewn to the tip.  Tightly wrapped around the bottom of the leather is nylon thread to be sure the tip doesn’t slide off. 

Because the shaft is sort of flexible, the crop can be used by pulling back the tip and letting go, which is much more painful than just hitting someone with the tip.  It can be wielded as a cane or you can just flick the flesh with the leather tip.  It’s perfect for flicking nipples or pussy lips, with its narrow head.  And because of the way crops are made, they can be used for severe or light pain play, depending on your bottom’s pain tolerance and/or level of masochism.

For $18.00, you can’t go wrong with this crop.  It’s the perfect price for beginners who are just starting to explore their interest in S&M, and made well enough that more experienced users aren’t going to turn their noses up at it, as is evident by M’s absolute adoration of this crop.

When I first tugged the crop out of the box, M turned up His nose.  “It’s short.  The other one’s longer.”  I just smiled.  I knew, by the feel of it in my hand, that the first time He used it on me, He’d fall in love.

And He did.  I’ve never seen Him so enamored with a toy before.  The Kookie Riding Crop rarely ever leaves His hand when we’re home alone.  If He’s not just swinging it around for something to do with His hands, He’s tormenting me or the bird with it.

NO! He doesn’t hit Zedd with it! He just holds it up from across the room and Zedd goes berserk.  Zedd’s afraid of sticks.

As for me, I love it.  It’s just the right amount of pain and pleasure mixed together.  The nylon shaft feels so much better on my skin than the metal shaft of our old one.  The leather tip is sturdy and firm and flicks all the right places in all the right ways.  It’s just an all around well-made toy.

Thanks Babeland! We’ll be using this toy till it falls apart.  And then, I’m sure, we’ll be buying a new one.

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  1. October 27th, 2009 at 22:47 | #1

    I have to review this as there was a shipping problem and I just got it yesterday. I was expecting something more flexible. Do you find this one less flexible than your older, longer one?
    .-= Adriana´s last blog ..Time and Time Again =-.

  2. October 28th, 2009 at 12:05 | #2

    @Adriana No actually this one is much more flexible than the longer one. But my longer one is made of metal. This one isn’t. If this one were longer, it probably would be more flexible though.

    From what I understand, the best crops to buy are the ones from the tack shop. M and I plan to find out in the near future.

  3. August 9th, 2013 at 15:36 | #3

    Thanks for posting this! I’ve been looking for a good, affordable riding crop for a while, and this looks like a great pick! Now if only my boyfriend would use this on me 🙂

  4. August 10th, 2013 at 03:53 | #4

    @Red Hot Rosaline it’s good stuff. Good luck! 🙂

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