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Cin started it! – Please, Thank You and I’m sorry

October 18th, 2009 3 comments

Just a little while ago, Master IMed me “Could you make me some hot tea?” He never says please.  Ever.  Matter of fact, the only time I remember Him ever asking me “Please?” was the day I left.

After I replied, “Sure.”  and got up to prepare His tea with a smile on my face, I heard His voice in my head.  “Thank you, baby.”  He also never says thank you, and didn’t then.  It was my imagination filling in what He never says, but I know He feels.  Then, I thought of Cin’s post on masters using manners when speaking to their property.  And I smiled wider.

First, Master almost never makes requests.  Even though He formed it as a question, He was not really asking if I was capable or would make Him a cup of tea.  It was an order.  A command.  And people don’t often tag a “please” at the end of a command.  It’s usually a “Do it, or else.” kind of thing.

He’s not being intentionally rude or snubbing me.  He’s simply giving me, His property, a command.  Do it, or else.

Master doesn’t see the point in niceties.  He’s not giving me the opportunity to choose whether or not I’d like to do what He wants me to do.  He’s not asking me to do them.  He’s telling me to.

And, to be honest, I agree with Him.  Though I still say part of it is because He was raised up here in New York.  People up here have no manners.

Master doesn’t often say thank you, either.  He shows His gratitude in other ways.  By playing with me, or being kind to me, or allowing me to get something I’ve wanted for a while, or letting me pick out the toys I buy with the money I make writing.  And by answering my questions honestly when I get insecure about my use and value.

It’s extremely rare that He apologizes to me.  It’s also rare that He makes mistakes.  He’s ridiculously anal.  Particular.  And He pays attention to detail.  I can count the number of times He’s been flat out wrong on one hand.  Maybe two.  But even when He does make a mistake, He rarely apologizes.  Even less since I’ve started saying, “You owe me an apology.” Lol.

When He makes a mistake, His response is usually, “Oops.  Oh well.  You’ll live.” with a sheepish grin on His face.  I hear, “I’m sorry, baby.”  when He says those things.

Cause He’s not intentionally slighting me.  He’s not refusing to look at facts just to get under my skin.  He’s not messing up on purpose to see how I’ll react.  An honest mistake is just that.  An honest mistake.

Course, He’s never made any major, relationship-threatening mistakes, either.  I have, though.

Do I think owners should swallow their pride and extend these niceties to their slaves? I think they should do what feels right to them.  I know a couple dominants that say please and thank you all the time and apologize when they’re wrong.  For most of them, it doesn’t seem to affect the functionality of the relationship at all.  For some, however, it gives the slave, and anyone listening, the illusion of being allowed to refuse.

Do I wish Master said please, thank you and I’m sorry more often? Nah.  Not really.  Like I said, He shows His appreciation in other ways.  And because of that, whether He says them or not, I hear them.

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I gots my own drama! I iz drama llama now?

October 18th, 2009 2 comments

So the other day one of my buds put up a thread about masters meeting their slaves’ needs. She talked about being given little tasks that are completely unnecessary because her owner knows that being given these tasks puts her in a “happy active sub place”. The example she used was baking a cake for no reason except that her man knows she likes doing these silly little chores for him.

There are a couple cliques running around FetLife who seem to think they’re better than everyone else. On the surface, their posts often look harmless. The haughty undertones and, “my relationship’s better than yours,” attitude are often overlooked at first glance. And they pretend that sentences like, “my master never has to do a, b, or c to keep me in line,” and, “I don’t need training anymore,” can’t possibly be misconstrued as, “I’m so much better than you, with my uber perfect relationship.”

They are, in a word, cunts. And not in the cutesy way that Kaya and I are cunts.

I wonder if their “masters” are their cats. Now that was just rude.

They called me over-sensitive. And in some ways, I am. But not in the way that they seem to think. For some reason, they seemed to think I was crying in my coffee. I was actually kind of amused.

But what burned my ass was the, “your master sucks,” undertones. They basically told my friend she and her owner suck for needing reminders without telling her as much.

Then they did, in a round about way, tell me that my owner sucks. That I wouldn’t be over-sensitive if I had an owner like theirs.

Whatever. That’s not the point.  Read more…

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Product Review: Kookie Riding Crop by Kookie Intl

October 18th, 2009 4 comments

1061000-aOur first riding crop is about twenty-two inches long.  The handle is rubber and the shaft is metal.  And the tip is two pieces of weak leather glued and sewn to the end.  It was one of those “This really sucks but we can’t afford the alternative.” buys.

And at first, we loved it! But eventually it began to fall apart, and the leather weakened even more.  Before too long, the tip of the metal shaft, which is ridiculously sharp and poky, started to come through the leather and began leaving cuts in my skin.

So when Babeland Toys offered me the Kookie Riding Crop I was ecstatic.  I mean, look at it! It looks hella better than the one we bought from one of the local sleaze joints we call “adult bookstores”.  And, even though I love crops, I had begun to hate the one we had.

The Kookie Riding Crop is eighteen inches of leather and nylon.  The handle is a rubbery material which prevents slipping.  The shaft is weaved nylon – which definitely beats metal in impact play! – and the tip is leather.  The tip is three and one half inches long and one and three quarters inches at its widest point.  It’s all one piece folded over and sewn to the tip.  Tightly wrapped around the bottom of the leather is nylon thread to be sure the tip doesn’t slide off.  Read more…

Product Review: Smart Balls by Fun Factory

October 18th, 2009 2 comments

FF36308_001_mdI have been lusting after Smart Balls by Fun Factory since the first time I heard them mentioned.  I’m not sure how they came up, but someone in an IRC channel somewhere told me about them.  I did a quick Google search, found them and fell in love.  So when offered me a set of black and magenta Smart Balls for review, I snatched them up.

The Smart Balls came in a cream and red cardboard box with Fun Factory’s logo on the outside.  The front of the box is open so you can see the toy.  On the back are magnetic flaps that open to reveal a description of the toy in eight languages and a diagram of the smart balls describing each feature.  Unfortunately, the magnets are pretty strong, and the first time I opened the flap, I ripped one off.  Inside, they rested in a piece of molded plastic folded over themselves.  As with a lot of Fun Factory toys, there was  a sample of Fun Factory’s Bodyfluid, which is a silicone based lube, and directions on how to use the toy.  Read more…