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Cin started it! – A Master’s Psychic Ability

October 8th, 2009 3 comments

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A few months ago, I posted about Master’s psychic ability. For those of you who missed it, it was a tongue-in-cheek post about how Master psychically divined, correctly, that I would fuck up, get punished and move on occasionally throughout our life together.

I want to say this loud and clear: I wasn’t serious!!!

This morning, when I logged into my computer and saw Cin’s post, I considered crawling under my desk and hiding out.  What on Earth is going on over at FetLife? For serious! It’s like someone opened the floodgates holding back the idiot waters and FetLife is suddenly overrun.

Well, not so much suddenly. It’s more or less that I’m actually paying attention now instead of ignoring them with the hope of avoiding drama. But I’m not getting involved in the drama! Okay, maybe a little. I let Kaya’s drama get on me for a minute. But that’s what friends are for, right? Read more…

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