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Sunday in Pictures

October 6th, 2009

So this is where we started:

Click photos to enlarge!

Click photos to enlarge!

The semi-circle on my boob is where I branded myself with the bells a while back.  And I was right! My right boob is bigger than my left boob.  And yeah… I still hate my body.  But the other night, I walked by a picture of me and said, “I’m not half bad, huh?” And I guess I’m not if you like chicks who look like me.  Or at least dirty whores.

Then He flogged me, according to the sequence of photos.  I still don’t remember.


That kinda looks like it hurts, huh? It did.  A lot.

I don’t know what’s cooler.  The fact that you can see the flogger moving or that even blindfolded and gagged, you can see I’m in pain.  Lol.  In a couple of them, cause of the movement blur, you can see through the things He’s hitting me with.  That’s pretty friggin cool.

I guess the shitty clothespins weren’t first.  Apparently the flogging was.  Cause here they are:


They’re adorably cute and I’m totally going to see if I can find any like them that are better made.  If not, I’ll just have to look around for some sandalwood stain and make some.  It can’t be all that difficult, or expensive, to stain some clothespins, can it? Probably not.

So we moved on to the ones we can always count on.  Sometimes, a little too much.


As in, they wouldn’t come off.


And I started to break down a little.  And drool a lot.


The sick bastard was actually smiling.  And laughing.  A lot.


And I kind of broke again.  I remember wanting to throw the camera out the window when He snapped this one.  I was like, “What the fuck, Chuck? Here I am, trying to recover from you being a mean bastard, breaking down and falling apart, and you’re taking pictures? Fuck. Off.”


Then I remembered the night we smoked Salvia (Which is still legal in New York, so bite me.) and He kept snapping pictures.  And I wanted to throw Him out the window, too.

“Look at me, cunt.”  *snap*


And He wasn’t finished with me yet.  But I couldn’t hold myself up anymore and I had lost the ability to control my “fight or flight” instinct.  I was stomping my feet and lunging in the restraints and… Just making a complete ass of myself.  So He let me down.  And after having a good cry, I calmed down.

There are tons more pics in the gallery.  Go check them out!

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  1. November 26th, 2010 at 20:16 | #1

    Looks like a fun time for all. Thanks for sharing!

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