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Product Review: Fusion Duality by Evolved

October 5th, 2009

When Babeland Toys showed me the waterproof Fusion Duality by Evolved, I was skeptical.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m very visually oriented.  So the beauty of a vibe turns me on to it almost as much as the other aspects.  And in the pictures, the Duality looks flat and plain.

But I figured, what the hell.  You can’t even begin to judge a vibrator by its photograph.  And when Cin told me she was reviewing it, too, I thought, “Opportunity! Here’s our chance to compare our vibe tastes!”

When it arrived, I ripped into the box, barely taking my eyes off it long enough to avoid tripping up the stairs.  I didn’t realize the Duality was by Evolved until I opened the box, so imagine my surprise when I pulled a white tin sporting “Evolved” in purple letters floating on black trim out of the plain brown cardboard.  It was instantly obvious that the photographs of this toy do not do it justice. 

I flipped open the lid and wrapped my greedy little hands around the center of this lilac beauty and grinned dizzily as the pads of my fingers met the soft, matte finish plastic.  But when my eyes fell on the silicone buttons I wondered if their placement might be troublesome seeing as they’re located right where my hand gravitates: The center.

True to its name, the Duality has two functional ends.  One side sort of reminds me of anal beads, though it doesn’t taper down quite as far as beads tend to.  It’s three insertable inches of bumpy ridges.  The other side is a g-spot, or p-spot, stimulator with five inches insertable.  And in the center are two triangular buttons between a Fleur de Lis and a heart. 

There are two types of vibrations.  On the bubbly (Thanks, Cin!) side, there are four vibration variables.  On the hook side, there are three steady vibrations of three different intensities.  To change the variables you cycle through them with the triangle buttons.  Unfortunately, to turn this toy off, you have to cycle through all the variables, which can get a little confusing if you have both ends on at the same time.

I’m worse than a man when it comes to reading the instructions.  So that I even pulled the little white insert out of the box is a minor miracle.  To be honest, I thought it was a promotional sticker or something.  Imagine my surprise when I actually started reading it and realized it was instructions on how to use the toy!

The Duality unscrews in the center to reveal the battery compartment.  It’s clearly labeled (which is awesome cause I can never figure out which way the batteries go in) and takes four AAA batteries.  The little paper insert says to be sure the word “Evolved” is directly under the buttons to ensure that your toy is waterproof.

It’s hard, being made of ABS plastic, and has no give.  It’s pthalate free and body safe.  And it’s heavy.  Heavier than Brigit and Old Faithful, anyway.

The first time I used the Duality, I hated it and I was crushed.  I laughed the whole time.  I almost asked M if I could stop before I got anywhere close to being interested in cumming.  It didn’t seem very powerful and I couldn’t get into a comfortable position.  The hooked end was too pokey and the  bubbles kept getting hung on my pubic bone.  I probably could have grabbed a waterproof, silicone or oil based lube for this toy.

I barely got wet and it took me almost five minutes, once I got down to business, to get myself off.  But by the time I realized I wasn’t getting wet, I just wanted to get it over with.  Five minutes, for an instant gratification gal, is entirely too long.  When I finally was able to cum, I looked up at M and said, “That was the most disappointing orgasm I’ve ever had.”

I decided to give it another chance.  Fat chicks and hard, plastic toys don’t really mix well with sitting on the floor.  So it wasn’t a fair trial.  Maybe if I tried it on the couch, I’d like it!

And I did! Sort of.

The vibrations aren’t powerful enough and the hook’s still too pokey to be comfortably inserted.  But! The vibrations combined with using the hook to stimulate my clit is a pretty awesome experience.  And the bubbles are amazing for thrusting and g-spot stimulation once you find the right position.  I ended up fucking myself with the bubbled end with my fingers on my clit to an amazingly explosive orgasm.

So on a scale of one to five, I give it a three.  It could definitely be more powerful.  It would be cool if you could use the pulsation variables and the steady vibrations on both sides of the toy.  And they definitely need to dull down that hook some.  But other than that, it’s fun.

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