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Product Review: Diamond Lustre by Evolved

October 4th, 2009

I am deprived!  I only recently discovered my g-spot and when Vibrator.com offered me the Diamond Lustre, a g-spot vibrator by Evolved, I hadn’t found it yet. So a g-spot vibrator to add to my repertoire of things to aid in my search was just what I was looking for.

It just so happened that a week or so before I recieved the Diamond Lustre, I found my g-spot with the WWV. And it was amazing. So I was even more excited when the Diamond Lustre arrived.

When I pulled this toy out of the box, I ooo’ed and ahh’ed all over the place. It’s beautifully adorable in its tiny brushed silver tin with Evolved printed in black against a red bar across a clear plastic window, through which you can see the toy. It rests beautifully in molded foam with red lining on top. On the back of the box is the toy’s description.

The Lustre is made of black plastic with a soft, satiny finish.  It has no odor or taste.  It’s phthalate free and body safe.  It’s got sixteen diamond rhinestones circling the bottom just above the dial on the bottom that controls the toy’s settings. It’s thin, light and hard with a hooked tip for direct g-spot stimulation. There is no give to this toy. But because of how small it is, that’s not really a problem. 

This waterproof toy has an insertable length of three inches and is three inches in circumference. The whole length of the toy is four and one half inches. It takes one AA battery and seems to have three vibration intensities.

You can clean this toy with antibacterial soap and water, or simply wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol and store it in the box it comes in. I didn’t really need any lube with this toy. But for those who enjoy a little extra slip-sliding, you can use a water, oil or silicone based lube with this toy.

I really wanted to like this toy. Really. I mean, it’s simply and elegantly designed (I’m extremely visual.) and feels amazing in my hands. The nubby tip of the hook glides nicely along all the places you want it to glide nicely along, teasing and tantalizing all the way. But that’s about where it loses its shine.

The first thing I noticed is that the toy falls just slightly short of reaching my g-spot. I do seem to have longer-than-average anatomy, though, so it’s possible a woman with shorter anatomy won’t have that problem. No matter. I can use it for direct clitoral stimulation during partner play or something, right? So I clicked it on.

The Diamond Lustre is as quiet as it claims to be. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as powerful as it claims to be. I tried three fresh batteries hoping for a little more oomph, to no avail. While it certainly teases, that’s about all it does. It’s just not strong enough to push me over the edge as violently as I’m normally pushed.

I like to give sex toys a fair shot, so I tried this toy at least five times in five different scenarios hoping it would… I dunno. Magically grow a jack hammer, I guess. But it’s just not strong enough for me. However, “just right” for me seems to fall somewhere between extremely powerful and medium.

The Lustre is a great teaser and I’ll probably use it in partner play to tease M’s erogenous zones. It’s an excellent warm up toy, as well, for days that I’m in a lazy masturbation mood. But it probably won’t be the first thing I grab, otherwise.

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