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Omigosh! Here we go!

September 25th, 2009


What’s coming up in reviews? Lots of insertables! For both couples!

First up, we’ve got the Fusion Duality by Evolved.  Babeland sent this to both Cinnamon and me!

I think that’s pretty awesome.  Our first review duel! We get to get an idea of how similar (or different… we’ll see!) Cinnamon’s and my toy tastes are.

She’s already told me a little about her experience.  It sounds pretty awesome! Alas, I have to buy batteries before I can play with mine.  Lame! But the Duality calls for four AAAs.  We got none!

Cin’s also gonna be reviewing The Tease by Topco Sales from Eden Fantasys.  It’s that feathery thing on the end.  Isn’t it purty? It takes two C batteries! I’ve never seen a vibe take anything other than AA or watch batteries, though I’d heard of it before, so these two sorta threw me off!

The other two are mine.  There’s a back-story, sort of, to them.  It’s cute, nonetheless, so you will suffer for me!

I really don’t know if I’m a size queen.  I assume, at least to some extent, I am.  Cause there’s almost nothing in the world better than having my pussy stretched. 

A couple weekends ago, M decided to have me fuck myself with the tail plug.  It’s a quarter inch thicker, at its widest point, than all our vibes, so He assumed it would stretch me a little.  And I actually pouted at Him when I inserted it.

What a tease! I was expecting to feel full, at least!

So when we realized we were going to have $100 to spend on sex toys, He sent me on a hunt for something girthy.  I was all, “Wait.  I can pick whatever toy I want?”

And He was all, “Yup.  Just something girthy.”

So I went hunting.  And I found Randy.  Who I still really, really want.  But who, due to circumstances beyond my control (read: Master trumped me), must wait for another day.  And then I saw Cecile and Doriane.  And I realized that they’re only $80.  And I squeed all over the place.

I’ve lusted after the entire Lovemoiselle line since the first time I saw mention of a ceramic vibe.  But I thought they, like so many of the other vibes I really want were over $100.  So I got super excited when I realized I was wrong.

That’s where I made my fatal mistake.  I told Master I couldn’t decide.

“Hold on, let me look.  Send me the links.”  I rolled my eyes, didn’t mention that I’d already sent them, and just sent them again.  “Get the ceramic one.”

“Whichever one I want?” I asked, as I sized up Cecile and Doriane.  I couldn’t decide.  Smooth or chunky? It’s like peanut butter, only more fun! But this time, I figured if I didn’t tell Him I couldn’t decide, He’d leave it alone.


~blink~ “Huh?”

“Get Cecile.”

“But… I think I’d rather have Doriane.”

“Tough.  Cecile’s bigger.  Get Cecile.”

“But what about Randy?”

“Do you want a new toy or don’t you? Get Cecile.”

So… we’re getting Cecile.

A couple days ago, I was going through the list of products up for review on Eden Fantasys and I saw that big black thing staring at me.  Taunting me.  Laughing at me.

My dance card over there is empty.  I’ve reviewed every, single product I had out for review.  The things I bought and the things I was assigned.  And of all the things in line for review, this one kept grabbing my eye.

It’s called the Large Big Stuff and it’s 2 1/8 inches in diameter and 7 inches around.  Seven inches around.  ~gulp~

Gary says it’s bigger around than his wrist.  Not his fist, mind.  Just his wrist.

Speaking of Gary, I made the mistake of posting on Twitter about the Large Big Stuff.  And he saw it.  And ever so casually pointed out that it was still up for review.  Still sitting in his office.  Taunting me.

To which I asked if he was suggesting I ask Master if He wants it.

To which he responded, in that ever so casual, I was just mentioning it. way, “I’m just sayin’… We’ve still got it.”

So I turned to Master and said, “Gary wants to know if you want the Large Big Stuff.”

Master turned to me and said, “Hellz yes boyyyyy!” ~blink~

So the Large Big Stuff is on its way to me.  And I’m suddenly nervous.

I can’t take my eyes off the picture on Eden’s website.  I’m lusting over this thing even as I’m terrified that it won’t fit.  But Master’s got that covered, too.

I said to Him “What if it doesn’t fit?”

And He responded, “I don’t ask myself questions like that.  I know if I push hard enough, it’ll go in.”


So can we fast forward to the day it arrives? Cause I totally want that thing in my hands now please and thanks.  But while I wait, I’ll just keep fingering the Duality.  It’s so pretty!

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