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Omigosh! Here we go!

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What’s coming up in reviews? Lots of insertables! For both couples!

First up, we’ve got the Fusion Duality by Evolved.  Babeland sent this to both Cinnamon and me!

I think that’s pretty awesome.  Our first review duel! We get to get an idea of how similar (or different… we’ll see!) Cinnamon’s and my toy tastes are.

She’s already told me a little about her experience.  It sounds pretty awesome! Alas, I have to buy batteries before I can play with mine.  Lame! But the Duality calls for four AAAs.  We got none!

Cin’s also gonna be reviewing The Tease by Topco Sales from Eden Fantasys.  It’s that feathery thing on the end.  Isn’t it purty? It takes two C batteries! I’ve never seen a vibe take anything other than AA or watch batteries, though I’d heard of it before, so these two sorta threw me off!

The other two are mine.  There’s a back-story, sort of, to them.  It’s cute, nonetheless, so you will suffer for me!

I really don’t know if I’m a size queen.  I assume, at least to some extent, I am.  Cause there’s almost nothing in the world better than having my pussy stretched.  Read more…

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