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Product Review: Lust for Love Edible Massage Oil by Lust Cosmetics

September 20th, 2009

lustmassageoilflavorsRemember a while back when I won that giveaway held by DominaDoll and Lust Cosmetics? I still haven’t gotten around to trying the product again so I can review it.  I’m going to have to do that soon.

But! Lust Cosmetics sent me some of their other products to try.  Among them are three of the four flavors they carry of Lust for Love Edible Massage Oil.  They sent me Wanton Watermelon, Hot Caramel Craving and Creamcicle (It also comes in Cherried Treasure).  And oh. my. god, do they taste good.

Can I just say that again before I dive into my review? They taste phenomenal.

Lust for Love Edible Massage Oil comes in a white and silver 1.01oz (30ml) bottle sporting a label matching the flavor (green for watermelon, orange for creamcicle and a creamy beige for caramel) with the company’s pretty lady in red lingerie.  It has a pump top that dispenses the perfect amount in three quick pumps, which is so much less wasteful and easier to use than the pour top on other brands.  The pump is protected by a clear snap-on top (think mousse lid) and it was all wrapped up in shrink wrap with a perforated strip for shipping.

It’s not actually an oil.  On the label, the ingredients are listed as:

  • Glycerin
  • Flavor
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Sodium Benzoate

The product page says the “flavor” is real food flavors and that this oil is safe to eat off your intimate areas.  I’m prone to yeast infections, though, so we avoided my vagina and washed his penis immediately after trying the oil there.

The first thing I noticed about this oil is that Lust Cosmetics got the consistency perfect.  It’s not too syrupy or thick.  Matter of fact, it’s not sticky at all.  It’s light and silky on the skin.  And it absorbs into the skin almost completely, while still allowing your partner’s hands to glide easily across your skin.

M is really particular about how things feel on His skin.  I can’t even begin to count how many lotions we went through before finding one He’d allow me to use regularly on His feet.  If His skin feels slimy for more than a few minutes after I apply it, He makes me wash it off.  I’m sure that does wonders for His skin.  (Sarcastic? Me? Never!)

This oil, when it comes to that, is a god send.  By the time He remembers He’s supposed to be protesting the sliminess, the oil has absorbed pretty much completely, and there’s nothing much to wash off.

After giving M a massage with this oil, I rub it into my own hands and arms.  Generally speaking, it absorbs completely and I don’t have to wash my hands after using it.  So far, it hasn’t stained anything.  I even got some on our leather wrist cuffs and it wiped right off with no adverse affects.

But if, for some reason, I do need to wash the oil off, it comes almost completely clean with a quick rinse under warm water.  I know! I was shocked, too! Naturally, the best way to wash is with soap and water.  But there have been a couple times where I was in a hurry and just rinsed them quick before getting to what I needed to take care of.  I was pleasantly surprised with how easily it washed off.

Let’s talk about taste, shall we?

The first flavor I tried was Hot Caramel Craving.  How could it not be? My favorite autumn treat is caramel apples! There’s no aftertaste at all and it tastes kind of like a cross between a Werther’s Original and a Sugar Daddy.  So heavenly good.  M actually had to tell me to stop eating it out of the bottle.

Next I broke into Creamcicle.  My favoritest fountain soda in the world is orange and cream soda.  The flavor of this one, straight out of the bottle, is a little more orange than cream and left a sort of soapy aftertaste for a moment or two.  When I licked it off of M’s skin, the soapy aftertaste was less noticeable.  I was a little disappointed after having tasted the caramel, but the caramel is definitely a tough act to follow.

Finally, I ripped into Wanton Watermelon.  It tastes like I died and went to Jolly Rancher heaven.  No soapy aftertaste and delicious watermelon flavor.  And none of the flavors left a film in my mouth.

Matter of fact, the only con I found with this massage oil may not necessarily be a con for other people.  This massage oil heats by blowing on it rather than rubbing.  This makes it excellent for sensual massage, increasing the intimacy by forcing partners to use their mouths more to get the full effect of this oil, but not so much for aching joints.  If this oil heated by friction as well, it would be, hands down, the best massage oil I’ve ever tried.

But we’re not shelving this stuff any time soon.  M loves the way it feels on His skin and enjoys the fact that I have to use my mouth more to make it heat up.  We are, without a doubt, in love with this product.

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