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Product Review: Babeland Toy Cleaner by Babeland Toys

September 19th, 2009

IMG_0723I’ve never owned a cleaner made specifically for sex toys before.  I never really saw the point.  We don’t have anyone currently sharing our toys, so soap and water works just as well.  Right? And it’s ten steps from anywhere in my apartment to a sink.

Then Babeland Toys offered me Babeland Toy Cleaner for review.  Why not? It certainly can’t hurt to use a product meant for toy washing on my toys, can it?  I’ll take it.

As you can see from the picture, the bottle I received looks different from the bottle on their site.  The bottle I received is made of clear recyclable plastic with a sort of matte silver spray top.  It’s simple, yet elegant.  I love it.

It came with this nifty little plastic U-shaped thing to keep the spray lid from getting squished during shipping and I decided to keep mine.  I am the queen of dropping things or stuffing something in a drawer and wasting so much of the product. 

Matter of fact, I dropped this bottle the second I pulled it out of the box.  And three more times after that before I used it.  And I’ve probably dropped it twenty or so times since then.

I am pleased as punch with the fact that it didn’t crack or break or squirt all my nice new toy cleaner all over the place before I could even try it.  The spray top (just the part you push down) popped off once.  But it was easily returned to its rightful position and still works like a charm.  And this bottle doesn’t leak at all.  Even after all my abuse.

This toy cleaner comes in two sizes: one ounce and six ounces.  It’s made of purified water, phospholipid, preservative and fragrance.  It’s meant to prevent bacteria growth on your toys, prolong the toy’s life and prevent infections.

Speaking of fragrance, it’s got this light, sweet fragrance that slightly resembles water fragrances, like ocean or waterfall scents, which I love.  It’s a little floral and a little fresh.  And, to quote Carrie Ann, “It gets rid of ass smell.”

It doesn’t just cover it up.  Or, at least, it doesn’t seem to.  It seems to wash it away.  I like that.  Especially with M’s sudden interest in upping the ante in anal play.

To use this cleaner, simply spray the toy and rinse with cold water.  The site says to rinse immediately, but I’ve read a couple reviews from people who say they spray and store, and then rinse in the morning with no adverse effects.  I’m anal about washing toys in the sink (Who am I foolin’? I’m just anal!), so I use the spray and rinse immediately method.

It’s not perfect.  I mean, you’re simply not going to spray Brigit down, rinse her off and she’s going to be spotless.  Not with those scales on her shaft.  They require more attention.  But a smoother toy, like, say, the WWV, comes clean in a snap.

Overall, I really like this toy cleaner.  Most likely, I’ll be picking up another bottle when I run out.

  1. September 19th, 2009 at 14:13 | #1

    I R Famous. I haz been quoted.

  2. September 19th, 2009 at 14:38 | #2

    @CarrieAnn Ha! As if my itty bitty site could make you any more famous than you already are. :p

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