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Tuesday Night – His Idea of Aftercare

September 17th, 2009

I washed up and climbed in bed with Him when I could finally move again after cumming.  I’m not sure how long we were asleep or if He even fell asleep.  I was watching cop cars watch me in my dreams.

Suddenly, a fist in my hair yanked my head off the pillow and a voice thick with lust barked, “Get over here, cunt.” as He dragged my mouth to His cock.  Half-asleep, I sucked and licked and gobbled His cock as best I could.

He didn’t really fuck my mouth like He usually does.  Mostly, He just held my hair tightly in His hand and laid there.

And then He asked me if I wanted Him in my pussy.  Do women really say no to that question? If so, I’ll take yours, please and thanks.  They can come over here with M and me and we’ll have a right jolly old time.  Two holes filled is ever so better than one.  And three is over the moon.

I mean, I imagine.  The only way I’ve ever had two or three holes filled at once is with toys and M’s cock.  Which is definitely over the moon.

He came in my cunt and we washed up and went back to sleep.

Or… I did.  He apparently laid there and got horny.  Again.  Without even touching me.

I was snoring peacefully when again my face was lifted off the pillow by a fist in my hair.

“Turn your face this way, bitch.”

So I did.  And He came all over my face and in my hair.  Just like that.

“Go wash your face.”

My face? What about my HAIR?!

I tugged my cum-soaked hair into a ponytail, not even bothering to try to wash it out.  I knew that just washing that one section wouldn’t cut it for me, and if I even started fucking with it in the sink, I’d be begging to get in the shower in a matter of minutes.  And He’d say no cause He only had a couple hours to sleep before He had to start working.  And He’d revel in the fact that not only did He say no, but He had a reason for making me sleep with cum in my hair so I couldn’t really argue.

Easier to just snatch my cum-soaked hair into a ponytail than go through all that.

Not to mention He’d already gloated about me having to sleep with cum in my hair.

And told me more than once before my head finally hit the pillow again how He wished I had been facing Him so He didn’t have to wake me.  So I would wake up with some schmutz on my face and not know what it was.

Neither time was there any stimulation to my bits.  If one excludes the fact that being used as a sex toy is ridiculously hot for me.  And when He was finished, He just shoved me to the side.

That’s some major play on a girl’s psyche. 

Wait, what? You totally just came on my face and in my hair and I didn’t even get to see you jerk off? Wtf?

I was a little surprised.  And a lot turned on.  And even more humbled and humiliated.  Which was the point.

Why is it that when I know all these domination techniques – Have studied them, even! – He is still able to get to me? I dunno the answer to that.  All I know is, I hope it never changes.  I like that He’s able to get to me.

  1. September 17th, 2009 at 22:58 | #1

    Lucky you!

  2. September 18th, 2009 at 00:03 | #2

    @thepinkpoppet Aren’t I, though? *swoon*

  3. September 18th, 2009 at 18:15 | #3

    Oh, hawt,hawt,hawt…(fans face)….
    thanks for sharing!

    .-= Nilla´s last blog ..HNT =-.

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