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Product Review: Loverings by Fun Factory

September 16th, 2009

flameBefore I recieved Loverings by Fun Factory, M and I had only ever tried one cock ring together.  It’s just this black piece of jelly with bumps on the outside.  Nothing major.  It came free with a toy order at some online store or another.

It neither helps, nor hinders Him.  So, He agreed to give this one a shot.  We hoped it would be better since it’s made of hospital grade silicone.

The design is adorable.  I love the color.  Like… really.  I want a vibe that color.  A big, girthy, vibrating red-orange thing.  Omigosh, I’d be in love.

As for the ring’s performance… Well, we’re pretty new at cock rings, like I said.  Maybe we just weren’t fitting together right or something? I dunno.  We just really didn’t like it. Maybe cock rings just aren’t for us.

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