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Product Review: Rainbow Nights Paddle by Ruff Doggie Styles

September 16th, 2009

Ours is multi-colored.

Ours is multi-colored.

I’m not really a paddle enthusiast.  I mean, I love the Slut Paddle, but that’s more of a slapper than anything.  But often, I could totally do without the oak paddle Master bought.

It’s not that I hate paddles, per se.  Just that they’re not usually my favorite toy.

I mean, there was that one time, when M put me over His knee and made me love it.  And there have been times since.  But… not always.

That being said…

I love, Love, LOVE the Rainbow Nights Paddle by Ruff Doggie Styles.  Like… for serious.  No playing.  On the real.

It’s black leather on one side and black velvet with intricate beading and stitching on the other.  The pain to pleasure ratio fluctuates between just perfect and “OMG! Am I really taking this for you?” on Master’s command.

It feels like it might be a little flimsy, but I think that’s mostly because we’re used to the solid wood.  But let me tell you, if it is flimsy, it makes up for it in performance.

Can I just say again that I love this paddle?

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