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Product Review: Black and Blue Strap Whip by Spartacus Enterprises

September 11th, 2009

black-blue-strap-whipJust forewarning any new readers, and old readers who have forgotten, that M and I are BDSM toy snobs and pretty heavy into S&M.  Any BDSM toy reviews we do are written from that perspective.

I was so excited when I put in the order for the Black and Blue Strap Whip by Spartacus.  It’s been forever since we’ve been able to purchase a new flogger.

We love, Love, LOVE flogging toys.  Like, so much so that I didn’t even bat an eyelash, years ago, when M found a $300.00 kangaroo flogger that was absolutely gorgeous and decided to buy that instead of paying our car insurance.

Not that our car insurance was $300.00.  Just that we wouldn’t be able to pay it if we ordered the kangaroo flogger because we’d be out of money for two weeks or so.

I read the whip’s description and wrinkled my nose a little at the length.  Twenty inches, tip to tails.  Just barely longer than our handmade suede flogger.  Probably just as light.  But that shiny, stiff leather looks like it could do some damage.  It looks like it could be a nice edition to our toy box. 

So I squeed all over the place and couldn’t wait for it to show up.

My enthusiasm dissipated when I opened the box.

The packaging for this toy, in a word, sucks.  It’s just a thin, folded, plastic sleeve about half the length of the whip.  The whip was folded in half inside, which left a rather disappointing crease in the falls.  I’ve hung it on the wall and smashed it between books and flat surfaces with the hopes of removing the crease, but I’m not holding my breath.

It smells absolutely fabulous.  Like my softball glove when I was a teenager, or the tack of the horses at the ranch I volunteered for.  If I could bottle that smell, I’d wear it all day.  If I was going to buy a product on smell alone, this would be it.

The first thing out of M’s mouth when He took this whip out of the packaging was, “I don’t like it.  At all.”  He didn’t even try to whip me with it like He normally would.  He ran His fingers over the falls, curled his lip and folded it back into the plastic.  “The suede flogger might even be better than this one.”  He turned up His nose as He walked away.

The design of this toy certainly leaves a lot to be desired.  My mother could make this whip with her eyes closed.

The twenty-three angle-cut falls and handle are made of a single piece of blue and black  leather  wrapped around what feels to me like a light wooden dowel and held closed with chrome upholstery tacks.

At the end of the handle is a piece of black braided leather and a d-ring.  The handle makes up about six inches of the toy and fits nicely in the palm of your hand.  Despite how squishy and loose the material seems to be, the handle feels sort of firm.

The falls are extremely light and rather stiff, which results in any less-than-graceful swings ending in the falls awkwardly splaying up toward the ceiling.  Especially if you happen to be holding it the opposite direction of the crease.  A beginner at using floggers might find themselves frustrated, at first, with the lack of effectiveness of this toy.  I know when I was trying to wield it with my left hand it was getting on my nerves.

I shrugged it off.  Maybe it would surprise us.  Maybe what it lacked in design, it would make up for in performance.  And as long as you don’t inspect it too closely, or hold it next to our other floggers, it is kind of nice looking.

He finally did use it on me.  He kept warning me over and over.  “It’s not going to be enough.”

I reassured myself that, most of the time, what’s perfect for me is just a tiny bit under what’s perfect for Him.  So maybe I’d like it.

And anyway, short, light flogging toys are excellent for use during intercourse.  They make it easier to avoid hitting yourself or overestimating your aim and catching your bottom somewhere you weren’t intending.  So maybe it would have a use.

But even with Him waling on me hard and fast, I was disappointed.  Of course, by that point I was beyond needing any sort of warm-up, so I figured I’d give it another try.  Sort of a “right out of the gate” effort to see if maybe this toy could be a warm-up toy.  Between how much He hates it, and how disappointed I was, I had to force myself to ask for another go.

There is no thud to this toy at all.  And hardly any sting to boot.  The falls are ridiculously light and stiff making it difficult to get any real oomph behind it.

That’s not to say that a less experienced or less extreme BDSM couple wouldn’t enjoy it.  This toy is perfect for people looking to jump-start their BDSM toy box.  It’s of decent quality for the price and isn’t too over the top on the pain scale.  They might find it both aesthetically and sexually pleasing.  We, unfortunately, did not.

This whip can be easily cared for with saddle soap or some other leather cleaner.  I’d store it flat.  Preferably smashed between two copies of War and Peace.  Or Webster’s Dictionary.  Or something.  If you must, hang it, but I doubt that will do anything for the crease in the falls.  The leather is just too light.

It’s loud, so I’d probably not take it to Mom’s house over Christmas vacation.  Unless she knows you’re kinky.  Or you’re the type who likes to shock your family.  It’s just chintzy (I looked that up cause it sounds like a racial slur.  It’s not a racial slur so I can use it.  Lol.) enough that they won’t have heart attacks, but professional enough that you won’t be laughed out of the dungeon by your like-minded peers.

Until you beat on a masochist like me with it.  And get almost no reaction.

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