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We’re doing it right this time!

September 8th, 2009 2 comments

Today’s self-imposed chore? Get busy reformatting the broken entries to ID.

I’m realizing we say, “We’re doing it right this time!” a lot.  If that’s not evidence of the natural ebb and flow of a relationship, I don’t know what is.

And M’s having fun putting on a show for Cin and whoever else He’s letting watch.  Evil bastard.

What? My pussy is not wet! Shut up! 😛

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Terrifying Tuesday!

September 8th, 2009 3 comments

That’s what we’ll call today.  Terrifying Tuesday.


M’s totally pushing boundaries I’d just as soon not have pushed.  And playing mind games He hasn’t played in a long time.

So remember this new webcam we bought? I’m sitting naked in front of it while He tells me that I never get to know who’s watching.

And! He’s chit-chatting with people on Twitter about the things He’s going to make me do in front of said webcam.

And! They’re conversating about who’s going to be allowed to watch in DM so I don’t get to know.

So… since I have all these body issues that really make me not want to be naked even in front of M, I’m just gonna assume that He’s doing the right thing and just fucking with my head.  Cause He wouldn’t really embarrass me like that.  It’s too dangerous to my psyche.

No, really!

Okay, I’m lying my damn fool head off.  It wouldn’t be damaging to my psyche and He totally would too let people watch and never tell me.

I can’t decide if I’m being nice and letting you guys know so you can run and see if you can get a seat or if I’m just rambling cause I gotta ramble to someone.  Either way, now you know.

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Mo’ Changes and Mo’ Changes and Mo’ Changes

September 8th, 2009 Comments off

M fixed the gallery! Yay!

I’m not sure if He actually changed anything or not.  I know He was considering it.  I know we talked about changing plug-ins a lot yesterday while He was working on it.  I know one gallery plug-in completely killed the server for a couple minutes.  I don’t remember the end result.

It works again! You now have access to naked Rayne again.  I know… the horror! I’m sorry.  M made me do it.

There’s something wrong with the openid plug-in we were using.  It wasn’t working in IE or something.  M tried to fix it with no luck.  We’re waiting on an update from the creator.  Sorry, guys.  :/

If you’ll turn your attention to the right, you’ll see we’ve got a new category plug-in.  It collapses and shit.  So I can make as many sub-categories as I want to (and believe you me, they’re already in the works) and still have that tiny-iny box with just a couple parents showing.  Till you click on the lil plus mark, that is.  I lub it!

Up top, if you haven’t noticed (read: I can’t remember if I told you or not), you’ll find a couple new buttons.  We have a Toy Box and an affiliates page.  In our toy box, you’ll find a list of all the toys we own currently and a couple lists of things we plan to buy eventually.  In the affiliates page is a list of companies we’re working with in some way, shape or form.  Mostly reviews.

We’re looking to add one more couple to the list of bloggers here at Insatiable Desire.  Either switches or dominant/submissive.  Two master/slave couples is plenty.  We’ll be perusing the various sites we belong to, but if you feel you’d make a good fit here, by all means, click the contact button above and let us know why.  Please include links to either blogs you write or forums you belong to so we can take a look at who you are.

And finally, we’re looking for a submissive play partner.  A girl who wants to play with both of us.  Someone in the immediate area.  Again, click the contact links above and email us if you’re interested.

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